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  2. Well, it's not in the book, but it was apparently made in Missouri, judging by the mark. The body is cast iron or steel. It looks like there might be a steel plate on the face? Does it ring, or does it go thunk? If it goes thunk, is there any rebound? That will tell if it's cast iron, cast steel, or steel-faced cast iron. There are a lot of "no-name" cast anvils around, pretty much every foundry would make a few. Some are great, some are just cast iron doorstops. Can you send better pictures, from all angles, including under the base?
  3. We have a winner! I have some time off from tomorrow, he's (very) happy with something similar to the OOAK designs, there are two that he likes in particular, so I'll be doing some designs for him to approve......promise to post some photos for a change. One design that he like has a very square head, looks like a good breaching tool and it makes me consider the thicker steel.......and this might be a more relevant tool for him! He sent me some video, they are busy with a "promotion course" which entails having orders and insults shouted at you while you leopard crawl in the
  4. You can see the completed piece here
  5. You certainly have a style all your own, good start!
  6. My Father in Law just got this from his parents. Does anyone know this mark?
  7. Yesterday
  8. You'd be surprised what you can do with some ideas and patience.
  9. I'm sorry I didn't post this earlier. All the equipment has been claimed. Thanks guys. Dave
  10. I was just thinking of the oyster knives as gifts for people who aren't necessarily into stabbing and cutting knives. that's an over the top design!! I like it. It'll be years before I'm doing stuff like that.
  11. Actually, the top three are heat treated and tempered, the bottom one still needs some work.
  12. OK. Here is the new pics. Don't know why that happened. My computer can't even read those .heic files.
  13. I think you might have shown the other two back when you originally cast and finished them. This one looks great. Must feel good to have completed that.
  14. Well I cut into the wheel rim yesterday. I did a beak test as well as etched it. It is not a wrought iron rim! :-( so that’s aggravating!!
  15. These were never intended to have a hilt attached. They are enlarged and stylized versions of real dirks. The real dirks had the hilt plate inserted into the hilt, and fastened with rivets.
  16. This is the last of the giant bronze age dirks that I still had to finish (cast and finished 3 of them years ago). It's been held back by a lot of time being a dad, building a room for my daughter, extra pressure due to Covid restrictions on the family, arranging the wedding ceremony, having to restore my 70+ year old cargo tricycle to be used during the wedding and many, many other things in between that did not left me with time and energy to finish it. Many hours went into it of filing with tiny needle files getting in all the corners and surfaces, sanding, polishing. Now after nearly 3 yea
  17. A box of handle blocks and scales turned up today after having given it up as lost some time back. Some beautiful Chittim, which is anew one for me along with spalted silver maple, spalted hackberry, rosewood burl, dyed cottonwood, maple burls, hickory burl, desert ironwood and yarran.
  18. I use electro etching. Deep & crisp marks.
  19. Getting there slowly. This has been a very challenging project.
  20. Last week
  21. Hey John, could you convert those to .jpg format? A lot of older computers, phones, and websites (like this one!) can't read .heic files, and since the site doesn't, folks have to download them to see them.
  22. billyO, that's very true. Now I'll know what to look for going forward. I'm as green as it gets, and I won't catch things that anyone with more experience will. Thanks to everyone for the critique and support.
  23. Hi folks, I got the thermometer for the forge and used it several times now for normalizing and for heat treating. It works great, now I'm not guessing. these all turned out ok for the 1st ones I forged. I'm really enjoying putting scales on and grinding cool shapes with my new Ameribrade sander. Forge On, John 20220521_231531[1].heic 20220521_231654[1].heic 20220520_060207[1].heic
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