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  2. I lived for many years with a quilter. A quilt frame was part of the living room, just like the couch. Buy big pieces of fabric, cut into small pieces, arrange pieces on a large flannel board (King size bed size) rearrange so that the colors/patterns are right. Sew together, tear them out when they don't work. Finally put on quilt frame and hand quilt for a long time. I feel your pain, but you chose this. No one held a gun on you. Right now the Lady Wife (not the quilter, I am a Widower) is spinning a pile of roving as big as a car into yarn. She will probably end up with several miles of yarn. We have 4 spinning wheels in the living room right now, plus the 10 or so in other parts of the house. . At least my stuff is all in outbuildings. Geoff
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  4. Well, today was a most productive day, both in and out of the shop. Starting out, I cleaned up and sheared two Llamas. They will be a whole lot cooler with all that wool off their bodies. BEFORE AFTER BEFORE (forgot the AFTER) RESULT This pile is 4' in diameter and about 18" high in the center. I'm not going to send it off to Frankenmuth Mills for processing. Costs too much and I'm no longer needing wool. Besides, I've got too many balls of woven roving already and no place to use them. Too hard to clean and process myself. Lots of good wool. The birds make really wonderful nests out of it. The birds in our area have the warmest, most beautiful nests you've ever seen! Then the post man brought my water mist cooling system for the grinder and my D&D Workrest. Can't wait to put these to good use. The work rest is built like a tank and I don't even consider it an accessory...........it should be part of every belt grinder sold on the market!!!!! I like! So all in all I had a pretty darned good day.
  5. I’ve been eyeing these. I don’t have one so I can’t speak to how they work, but they look promising on the videos and they are all over Instagram these days... Better on the budget? https://coaliron.com/products/copy-of-12-ton-mini-press
  6. Thanks, Joshua. I'm still amazed that I decided to take this on. Wish me luck as I'm not a swordsmth.
  7. Hmm. Ok thanks for the replies. Problem is I don't have the 8k+ to spend on an anyang. That is twice my budget. Guess I will give up on the idea of a press.
  8. Do some powerfull work with that one and have pride in the tool while doing it.
  9. Here is an article about my press with comments by an engineer, from some years back. It now has additional bracing to control flex. http://matthewdwalker.com/visit_my_studio/forging_press.pdf
  10. hi, Interesting commission work - Timber Framing Slick 3" Hand forged chisel blade from spring steel, handle from beech, leather mask. Total length 762mm, blade length 254mm, blade width 75mm, handle length 355mm. Thanks Jacek
  11. hello, Another recently completed project - Hatchet Axe Hand forged axe head from carbon steel, handle from oak, leather mask. The head is 140mm from end-to-end with a 80mm cutting edge, shaft 400mm. Thank you Jacek
  12. Bladesmiths are weird people. I spend all that time and energy to weld twenty some odd pieces of steel together in a nice long bar just to cut it back up into twenty some of pieces again. I'm still not happy with it so I'm going to weld them all back together again. Do you know that scene in Cool Hand Luke where Luke keeps finding out his dirt is in the wrong place?
  13. Wayne Coe is a member here, and he is the ribbon burner guy. He will probably weigh in, but a PM to him will be quicker. G
  14. I would only build a hydraulic press if you haver acess to a lot of cheap hydraulics or like the idea of building one. you are lucky over the pond that there are a few people making presses. If it took my time into account my home made press cost a load more than the anyang I eventually bought to replace it!
  15. Okay - found this one https://svejsevaerk.dk/shop/magnum-thf238-pro-572p.html 60% duty cycle both TIG and MMA ^^ so now I just need a plasma cutter
  16. I am impressed by your determination to constantly push the envelope and expand your portfolio Gary. Following this one closely.
  17. i bought there little 12 ton version and let me tell you it had more than enough power to rip its self apart a repurposed log spliters a better idea for a budget build
  18. Hello I'm new to the forum and have some questions about ribbon burner placement. I'm planning to build a 20lb lp tank forge with 1in kawool and cast o light 30, lined with plistix ir or itc 100. As for the ribbon burner it's going to be a 6 inch so if anyone could help me with what the best placement is and the pros and cons of the different placements. Thank you
  19. To double up on Brian's statement, trying to use that frame for a forging press is a recipe for disaster. Those are designed for light cold pressing, and the whole frame flexes so it will break before the workpiece does. Hooking a powered hydraulic cylinder to that will result in sheared bolts, bent frames, or worse, all on the first push.
  20. -.- don't have enough power for the welder... So I have to buy a smaller newer one
  21. Hey Sam, I am right outside Fayetteville NC.
  22. Other than the slight warp that’s left, this blade is going quite well. I’ve got the edge to an equal thickness on the stones. The only stone I have is a 400 grit and it’s not very flat so it’s kind of annoying to work on it. The convex bevel side is at 600 grit, I will have to go and sand it some more because it’s gotten a bit scratched up from the stone. I still have plenty of work left to do on the fuller side but I’m going to wait till I’ve got the handle started. Again, sorry for the awful pictures
  23. I normalize and heat treat at night without any light whatsoever so I couldn’t tell you, but I suspect it happened during the quench because of the fuller in the blade. After 4 or 5 half hour tempering/straightening cycles I was able to correct about 85% of it I decided that’s the best I’m going to get it. but it’s hard to tell because the spine is still brute de forge and therefor it has various small marks. Even though it’s not perfectly straight I think it will still be totally fine.
  24. Presses like that may be rated for 50 tons, but they are not intended to carry the dynamic loads that a forging press sees. You will be very dissatisfied with that as your base. I was able to get a local steel fabricator to make all of the heavy steel elements of mine for about $500. You might find a small shop that is willing to help out with the design. It cost me another $750 to buy all of the hydraulic components new.
  25. I've had many other projects keeping me busy recently but finally found some time after work today to get started on the guard for this one. Getting this far shows me that I may need to shorten the ricasso some. Lots more wire to bend on this one.
  26. As someone getting older, I have been thinking about a forge press. Price seems rather prohibitive however. So thinking of going the homemade route. Problem with that is I have no fabrication or engineering skills. So was thinking about buying a cheaper H frame press ( https://www.harborfreight.com/50-ton-hydraulic-shop-press-96188.html for instance) and converting it. Think I could handle converting it to an electric motor and welding up some dies. Does this sound feasible or am I trying to ride a dead horse?
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