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  2. Starting a smithy...

    I'm going to put something out there that I think some overlook. I am a big fan of the two-wheel bench grinders. I have several. My Grandfathers is a big old industrial that I started on. It has a hard wheel on one side for profiling and a wire wheel on the other which is great for removing scale. Both of these functions done on the bench grinder save a lot of wear on the disposable belts of a belt grinder. The stones and wire wheels last a long, long time. I have a couple of others, on one I used a dressing wheel to shape the stone to a convex profile to get into tighter places profiling. They are not a substitute for a belt grinder but I got both my "extra" ones on sale seperately for less than the cost of a dozen mid-quality belts and they will do a whole lot more profiling. Add the wire wheel to one side and they will out last several dozen belts for scale removal.
  3. A Couple of Damascus Hunters

    Well, theres my fill of inspiration for the day! Outstanding work, very clean. Patterns are sharp and interesting, fit and finish is perfect, and they look comfy for the hand.
  4. A Couple of Damascus Hunters

    Those are really outstanding knives and I love the patterns. Geoff, sorry to hear that you are suffering a computer gremlin attack. Doug
  5. 1st and 2nd knives Finished

    Thanks. I actually own one, came with the pack of basic leather tools I bought. However until just now I didn't really know what it was for lol
  6. A Couple of Damascus Hunters

    And now they are there. Weird g
  7. A Couple of Damascus Hunters

    Nice work! I always dig your knives Cal. Very distinct
  8. Suggested list of belts for new knife makers?

    Yes, this is how it is for me as well. You can see the cupping very slightly.
  9. Starting a smithy...

    P Jones, thank you for input and the link.
  10. What did you do in your shop today?

    Heads up, it's been cancelled. I would guess the rain.
  11. Starting a smithy...

    I don't have much to add that others already have. I've experimented with brick forges on a small scale for HT before moving to a round full-sized forge body. It's one thing to read on here about a flame swirling around for an equal heat and another to see it in action. I always remember the brick forges not being since there was always an obvious hot spot where a cylindrical body does a better job of spreading the flame. Just my preference though, built properly both should work. As for grinders, if you know for certain that you like bladesmithing and will stick with the hobby, a good 2x72" grinder is probably the safest investment you can make. Outside the forge all the work I do on a blade revolves around the grinder. Profiling, beveling, polishing, handle shaping, just about everything I can do besides drilling holes and fine file work. You WILL get your money's worth out of them. If you have the motor you can throw in a VFD or pulley system to adjust the speed. The only question left is are you going to make your own chassis or buy one. I didn't trust my welding skills, so I bought the one from Oregon Blade Maker. High quality and good price. If you want to save a few bucks and make your own, there's plenty of designs out there.
  12. 1st and 2nd knives Finished

    Those look really good for your first few attempts, certainly a lot better than mine was. One thing to consider for the leather sheaths is a burnishing tool. Makes the edge look slick and uniform. Easy cheap tool that goes a long way into making your work look higher quality.
  13. A Couple of Damascus Hunters

    Pictures are embedded Geoff. Check your end.
  14. What did you do in your shop today?

    I like that sax too. Nice work on the carving.
  15. A Couple of Damascus Hunters

    I can't see the pictures the links are all broken. It is just me, 'cause my 'puter is having some other miseries as well? Geoff
  16. Puukko Making video

    I have watched several of these type video's on Youtube and they are well worth the time to watch. There is one somewhere of an old Indian building a birch bark canoe, from the frame up. That one was very interesting as well!! That couple are both Craftsmen at their trade! My Grandson is asleep so I watched with the audio off. So any misinformation didn't bother me! My eyes saw great deal of skill and time practised movements. You could see that they knew exactly what each move was to take it thru thru the various stages to completion!! One thing that did surprise me in a way was the placing of the Popular pieces. I would have thought they might individually have to be drilled or that they needed to be epoxied together as they were stacked. However in the end they showed there was no need for either!! I love how they did the rings with about as simple as you could ask for in the way off equipment! The wood piece he had made so he could bear down on the blade as the edge is being roughed in!! Slow and steady and a beautifully completed puko and sheath! Very good video!!
  17. 2x72 Belt Grinder plans

    That's what happens when I use an online conversion tool to translate Kw to HP... Is there a direct correlation, other than both being units of power? I was thinking 1.5Kw output, but I can certainly see if that's the input power required instead the output is necessarily lower by quite a bit.
  18. Suggested list of belts for new knife makers?

    The way I observe the belt riding is that left and right of center are higher than center. I try my best to grind fully on the face of the platen. I do my best. Not always great to not grind on one side or another. But if I lay a straight edge on a fresh ground belt there will always be a slight concave to them. And I mean slight. Like tiny tiny bit. So, nothing but a disc grinder or a surface grinder will produce and absolutely true flat. Another sign of this is when I go to hand sanding. The first backer I use is steel and when I make my first pass with the backer the high spots of the blade bevel will sand first. Those are always towards the spine and edge.
  19. d2 304 san mai

    Really cool...How thick are your san mai layers???
  20. Finally, a Knife For Me

    Now that is a good relationship!
  21. 2x72 Belt Grinder plans

    The rule of thumb is ~1kW into the motor for every horsepower that comes out of it so your 1.5kW would probably be closer to 1.5hp, maybe a bit more on a good day. More would be nice to have, but 1.5kW will make a lot of knives if the extra money just isn't there.
  22. A Couple of Damascus Hunters

    So many details! Love it all!
  23. What did you do in your shop today?

    I really like that seax! It's got swag! I need to make a lighting box someday myself. I usually pack up my finished blade and walk into the woods to a few spots I have for taking pictures. Lighting has to be perfect. clear or partially cloudy at just before dusk.
  24. A Couple of Damascus Hunters

    I'm diggin' that raindrop pattern. Kinda psychedelic!
  25. 2x72 Belt Grinder plans

    1.5 Kw is a hair over 2 Hp, so it will work fine for many of us. That's twice the power of my grinder, but then I can stop mine if I lean on it hard enough. More power is always better, provided you have the wiring for it.
  26. Handles Maple burl and Masur Birch Steel 1080 / 15N20 by maker Fittings stainless and fiber.
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