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  2. Yep. Looking great and good to see you back at it again.
  3. I really like this piece Eric. I like everything about it. Fine workmanship there.
  4. Starting something a litte different. I bought a book called Cane Topper Woodcarving. I need to get some basswood. This maple is killing my thumbs. Note: The friction folder in the background came to me from the 2019 KITH. So, @Robert D. where ever you are, it came in handy here.
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  6. You can see the Hell's Belle's influence. Fun stuff.
  7. Doug, it’s similar in profile to the faceted handles on Japanese kitchen knives but I shaped it with no angles on the rotary platen. I think it feels pretty good and this style handle that didn’t have a lot of shaping works well I think on a kitchen knife because you can grip it in different ways all over the handle
  8. Eric, the clip is sharp about half way. It’s ground as one continuous facet from sharp to a false edge where it terminates. I really like bill bagwells hells belle bowie and my goal with this was to make my own and try to make it more aggressive and “dagger” like.
  9. Last week
  10. I usually don't care for bowie knives but your knife is an exception. I'm liking the shape of the blade and the pattern of the damascus. The hardware and the coffin handle add to make a fine knife. Doug
  11. I dig the slim Bowie. Out of curiosity, is the clip sharp? Great piece of wood on that to play with the steel
  12. The handle is interesting. At first glance I would say it appears to be a little blocky but then I remember slimmer handles that I made and they were too small to control the knife. How does that knife feel in the hand when you use it? Doug
  13. So I forged the edge down, ground, heat treated etc. Now for the grooves. The sides are plain iron, it should not be difficult to do. PS. Not the final polish and etch now.
  14. A few years ago I attended one of Gary Mulkey's classes. Prior to going, I realized that my hammer skills had vaporized since I had built my press and didn't forge much to shape by hand anymore. I didn't want to look like schmuck in the class so I made these two blades to practice hammering closer to shape. I have been eyeballing them as simple projects to finish up and get back into making.
  15. How about a Done/Almost Done and willing to trade? Or a straight up tool trade? You have a tool you thought you needed, but just don't use and are willing to trade for another tool that will probably be ignored for the next few years.......
  16. Chefs knife with gcarta, copper bolster and curly mango handle. Blade is stainless steel (m390). I did a silver 1/16 pin successfully for first time. Screwed up a few tries previously
  17. Haven’t posted in awhile but have been working alot just not finishing anything lol. This is a300 layer twist forged to shape. It’s Turkish walnut with gun blue fittings
  18. Could we have a "Lipstick on a Pig" category? I've got a few damascus blades that i was never really happy with for one reason or another. We could take before and after pics, like a makeover.
  19. Matthew, I would like to add it before too, but the finish will likely get scratched during the rest of the grinding and finishing process. At least, that has been my experience. Even hand sanding might scuff the finish. Murray Carter seems to have it down, but I am not Murray Carter. Alan, So you understand my trepidation! I probably won’t do it just based on my own reservations and your experience. I could attempt it on a sacrificial blade of course, but I would have to make said blade and heat treat it. I only have limited time to get any work in my shop done, though (insert sad emoji). I’ll just go with a satin finish as per my usual. I appreciate the input, gents!
  20. I also have lots of unfinished pieces lying about, so that could be fun g
  21. Jaron's idea would work well for me too. I'm recovering from blade burn-out, but have a couple of projects that are half done I've been eyeballing as a way to get back into the swing. I just need a little motivation to pick them up
  22. I like this idea, and actually might be able to participate if this is the direction we go....
  23. I was thinking the other day about what kind of Theme could be good all things considered with the time crunch and what not: what about a Lost/Unfinished Project theme? Pick something from that shelf you've never finished or weren't happy with the direction but felt like you could return to one day and finish it. This might give a little grace by potentially having a forged/ground/maybe-heat-treated piece already and help push us to make our piles of "one-day-later" smaller Of course if you don't have one of those shelves you can dig deep into a notebook of sketches or the recesses of thought and pull out something you've been putting off for "the right time".
  24. Nope, I misspoke, I should have said Brass 70/30 Copper Zinc. Not as hot but too much for an electric. I remembered the zinc fumes filling my garage even with the doors open. Lucky I didn't get sick.
  25. I've used it for folder blades and springs, and yes, it's pretty tough. But I wouldn't hammer on it. I've broken springs by trying to bend them a little further than they wanted to go, and I have snapped one blade at Rc ~59 the same way.
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