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  2. The broad sax is now finished! It feels surprisingly agile for the width and thickness of the blade, possibly due to the long handle. I think I’ll use end caps on wrapped handles going forward. I also finally settled on a way to make these rivets. These are soldered together from rod and pattern wire. I also forged this kurzsaxe, I want to improve my groove scraping abilities, so this will hopefully have two narrow grooves on each side.
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  4. So I recently purchased a new thermocouple probe primarily for a propane heat treating forge but also for general forge applications. Meant to choose the grounded option but inadvertently ordered the exposed tip. So will the exposed tip hold up to the atmosphere in a gas forge over time or do I need to go through the hassle of returning it to Omega? I fear if I end up with any corrosive or oxidizing damage to the tip I'll have no way of knowing if I am experiencing a drift in it's accuracy.
  5. Knife # 900 I have a few days hunting organised for this month so decided it was time to retire my old standby Light hunter with the end grain olivewood handles so I made myself this Tahr Hunter with scolloped OD canvas micarta handle over blaze liners with lanyard tube on the 1075 blade with jimping.
  6. There's only so many ways to make a functional knife and they've all been seen before. Doug
  7. Thanks for sharing that Garry. There as some truly amazing pieces in that video. Man, I gotta get over to Italy sometime.
  8. I like the rough resembling to the kukri. What goes around comes around. Doug
  9. Last week
  10. Ill be interested to see how that performs. Also, it wouls be nice to know how regular mild steel compares to wrought once work hardened. But Ill be definitely making HC ones, I just gotta. The shape is very appealing to me
  11. These are just wrought iron, not steel. And yes, they are hot forged to shape, with cold working as the final step to thin and harden the edges.
  12. I realize its a bit late to come to the party, but, could I ask for your sources for the dimensions given here? Im just getting interested in sicae and would like to try and replicate some, at least as 3d models at first. Also, did I understand correctly that these were made of low carbon steel? Meaning, the edges are peened or cold forged with a hammer? Thanks!
  13. Well, I guess you can call that bitter-sweet That little ridge near the spine on the back half of the blade may indicate that there was already a crack there. Otherwise I'd say you just hadn't paid your annual dues to the quench god for the year.
  14. Well, at least there was one good thing about it. You got the grain the way that you want it. Too bad about the blade though. Doug
  15. Nope they’re tempered, followed recommended guidelines for 6150. I think because of the normalization decalescence/recalescence, ,etc. Forged these several months ago and tempered each one right after quench, one hour, cool down, then one hour again, (unless I got impatient) Gary LT
  16. Silky smooth grain. Got any clue why such a tough steel would break (so clean) when tempered? Perhaps you forgot to temper at all?
  17. While home for a while, decided to use up some left over antler tine into small knives…..(stocking stuffers at best) This one broke impatiently tapping on the guard. (6150 leftover stock). Really pleased with this break! Gary LT
  18. Will keep you all posted if I go that way in a month or two. There are some other shop items on the list before the forge. Aaron
  19. Sounds like Charles has it covered then. If you do go for the Firestorm, please will you post some pics and your impression of its performance?
  20. Hey Timgunn, Thank you for your in-depth reply! So part of my conversation today with Charles is that the firestorm does come with a choke on the burner. He just recently updated/changed the burner system on the firestorm. He’s not updated his website as of yet. He said about 3-4 months ago he would’ve advised the Graham over the firestorm for that very reason. But with the new burner he felt like the firestorm is the better option.
  21. Just looking at the Atlas website, the burner(s) on the Firestorms are very similar to the burner on the Atlas Mini. If you find the Atlas Mini has all the capability you want/need except for the size, the Firestorm is probably a good choice. Note that the Atlas Mini and Firestorm burners do not have chokes (they are Naturally Aspirated burners) and run a fixed air:fuel ratio. This means you have no means of adjusting the flame temperature. Your only adjustment is how much mixture you feed: gas pressure adjustment. In case you don't know, the gas flow varies as the square root of the pressure, not linearly with pressure. I often see comments along the lines of "I was running at 20 PSI and now I can run at 10 PSI, using half the gas". In fact, having the pressure will reduce the gas flow by just under 30% (to 70.7%; One divided by the square root of Two is 0.707). To halve the gas flow, you'd need one-quarter the pressure: 5 PSI. Having a choke on a Naturally Aspirated burner allows the operator to alter the air:fuel ratio, changing the flame temperature and the composition of the forge atmosphere. Having independent adjustments for Fuel and air on a blown burner does the same thing. The Graham burner is a blown burner and looks like a much more versatile piece of kit for bladesmithing to me. I don't think I know many bladesmiths who would choose a fixed-air:fuel-ratio burner over one with variable air:fuel ratio after using a variable one. It is worth noting that burners can be changed later, if/when the forge needs to do something it cannot do with the original burner, so long as the new burner will fit in the old burner port. I think I'd be checking whether the Graham burner will fit the Firestorm.
  22. So I talked to Charles today, the owner of Atlas Forge. He recommended the single burner Firestirm forge that they make. It has a 6 inch chamber by 13 inches long.
  23. Alan, I should have put this under THE WAY section….. could you move it please? I made this hanger for a friend….. I personally use the Farmers Almanac to get the day moving ….. It’s not a prayer but it works like a charm ….. to read it not wipe with it….ha ha ha
  24. I'm considering their blown burner. Forge looks great too. Let us know your experience if you purchase one. I think you'll be happy with the 5" × 13".
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