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  2. Gerhard, I don't think you need that tightening screw on the bottom of your clamp. If it's a full rectangle, the pressure from the adjustable clamp on top should pull the bottom up enough to lock the movement of the clamp for and aft. Slick idea, for sure.
  3. Thanks for that comment, Josh. I'd have never thought of that.
  4. I found this clamp, bought a nice new plank and screwed it on there, realized very quickly it will need to move......so I bird-shit welded this contraption together. Need to make a plan with the little foot and it's adjustment, but so far so good. Also made two 2/3 sized blades of the ones I need to make to test the 1070's behavior during heat treat, one with bevels, one without so I can test if post-HT grinding is viable (for me)
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  6. The biggest mistake people make when forging a dagger is thinking about it like forging two regular blades back to back. What I mean is that on a single edged knife, you are drawing the edge down and away from the spine. If you try and do the same thing on a dagger you end up with a twisted and mangled piece of steel. Forging a dagger is more like trying to push the steel inwards toward the center rib from both sides.
  7. Anxious to see how this works out. What an interesting, but likely effective way of patterning a blade!
  8. It is, but looks like you're doing well.
  9. Really, very helpful tong tutorial. I'll try it.
  10. Good job. I think that the bold pattern of the blade really fits with the D Guard. Doug
  11. Are you aware that you will still get slag when starting with ingots? Far less, to be sure, just making sure you are aware. Slag is pretty easy to deal with, so don't worry about that too much. Consolidation is a completely valid reason to make ingots. But I would suggest you make a sand mold for the making of the ingots. This will also get you some practice at making a sand mold and/or a pattern. Much safer and effective that way, too.
  12. I got the action settled into the wood today and made a start on the bottom metal.
  13. Good task lighting is right up there with good abrasives when you make the list of important stuff.
  14. ive been busy with a new job but i should have a few finished soon, not quite "one every couple days". im stuck with the maple knife, i tried a couple things with the scabbard and settled on something finally but i need to figure out how to make a retention peg that will keep it from slipping out of a belt... it just needs that last little piece though. the non-miniature viking knife and the two with wrapped handles will be next up.
  15. Very cool idea! I love the idea of the cherry blossoms and the tsuba! Nicely done
  16. Lol! We'll see how it turns out when I get that far. I got the rest of the filing done today: And then got it forged down and drew out the bevels: Im sure you can tell that this is my first time trying to forge the bevels in on a dagger, keeping everything straight and centered is a royal PITA.
  17. No, I wheel my forge just outside the overhead door. I used to forge indoors until I had too close of a call with CO for my liking a couple years ago. The only time I fire it up indoors is when I'm normalizing and hardening. Low ceilings, no air handling, and propane don't mix very well!
  18. I used some as well Doug not stabilized. Had no issues in construction or finishing used a hidden tang. Retrospect, stabilizing would have provided added insurance against future problems. Gary LT
  19. The only time I ate Wagyu was in tartare(small raw cubes if you wonder). It was excellent!
  20. No more progress made on this one yet, I’ll get around to heat treating it..again... it next week. It’s my birthday tomorrow and tonight I’m preparing steaks for the grill, I’ve got some Dry aged ribeyes and my first ever Wagyu NY strip steak. Thats not exactly knife related but I’m sure the steak lovers on here will appreciate it
  21. Yesterday
  22. Nice! Do you forge in there? It took me a while to get used to things when I upgraded my shop lights. Burned up a lot of hawk heads.
  23. Looking good Joel! They are replacing all of the lighting on the shop floor at work, and giving away all of the old ones. While I had a blade in the descale tub this afternoon, I took a couple hours and upgraded the lighting in my workshop. It's going to be soooooo nice to actually be able to see what I'm working on without having to constantly dodge shadows.
  24. I agree with Alan. It's better now than before. Not that it wasn't going to be really good before.
  25. Kick save and a beauty! (That's hockey talk) Nice recovery Gary.
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