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  2. Grinding that must have smelled pretty interesting.
  3. Google used to have a social media thing (not sure what it is/was called) but it used to let you categorise posts and set who had access to what categories. Personally I stay off all social media. Quite a few people I’ve met (and me for that matter) say the feel ‘liberated’ after giving up social media.
  4. Sorry to hear Josh. If it were me I’d want to be buried with that dagger. Folks in Valhalla would be impressed.
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  6. Does anyone know how leather/doeskin/suede ito is made? I think its thin leather or synthetic suede folded like bias tape with a center seam on the back side. Roughly 10-15 years ago there was a doeskin ito that was pretty popular for custom Japanese style swords that I think was made by a professional polisher without factory equipment, but I can’t find any information about it currently. Ive tried a few half hearted experiments with 3-4oz veg tan (way too thick lol) and ultrasuede material and ribbon, but haven’t had any success. For the next attempt I’m pl
  7. Gary, I'll check tomorrow and see if there is anything on the blower. I'm sure it's something just picked up at the local flea market, not something I ordered to any certain specs. I rarely pass up an impeller blower at the local market. They usually wind up at the tailgate sale or "iron in the hat" at our local guild meetings. I'll get you a better shot of just the blower. The last one I had was killer before it died. I'm no blower expert so the best way I can describe it is "two stage". It had two impellers of different design on one shaft with a partial divider between them. Would like to f
  8. What he said! What a wonderful project. Thanks for sharing the journey.
  9. I have looked at this for a little while and pondered. I think you came up with a very creative way to accomplish the desired result. I'm not sure, if I could have figured out a better way. Well done Jennifer.
  10. Faye, please show us a photo or two of the gut hook. Close-up preferred
  11. Some very cool things are happening tomorrow
  12. Thanks @Matt Walker, I went by memory to reduce my inside dimensions and these photos are clearer. Mind if I ask what size impeller motor (or make/model #) you are using? Kind thanks, Gary LT
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  14. Well let's see. Hobbit Country, is that New Zealand? I ship by USPS flat rate boxes. When I checked for shipping it would run over $400.00l so for a $60.00 sale I don't think that I could do that.
  15. Thanks.. I think the person it's going to will get a kick out of it.. it's plenty sharp but has not had its final sharpening. I have 1 more clean up session and then it will get sent off. Sadly I have just 4 days to get to its home for the birthday person.. The copper rod came in today so was able to get them in.
  16. Hi Tyler. Have these blades been hardened? If so you might run into some trouble drilling the holes. If not, you need to do that before tempering. What steel did you use?
  17. Making four knives for a customer who insists on having laminated full-tang slabs of G-10 topped with bone. Dilemma: I want to slant the front edge of the slabs back at 45° and can only accomplish what I need after they are glued together. I can set the work rest on my grinder to 135° to get the angle, but I would have to grind bone side down. The bone hasn't been flattened and there's no way to flatten it in true parallel to the flat of the G-10. Fix: I made a real quick jig out of 3/4 plywood so I could screw the slab flat and then grind upside down.
  18. Very unique design and execution. Sometimes "I just thought it would look cool" is all the excuse we need to try something new.
  19. I'm finally going to the medieval market in Compiègne now in the end of November so hoping to finish at least two or three more to take with me to showcase
  20. You're really cranking these out! I like olive wood as well.
  21. A short and handy langes messer just finished. 750grams with the pob just shy of 5cm from the guard 52.5cm blade and an overall length of 72cm Blade is 6mm thick at the shoulder and 2.5mm close to the tip Laws between medieval towns and cities varied quite a bit as to what size of blade you were allowed to carry but most I have found have been between 54-58cm so this would have suited the travelling merchant quite nicely to avoid trouble with any town guard Though probably not exactly historical I went with olive scales as I just love olive wood. Let'
  22. Good find on the can. I collected some way back when they were really cheap, especially if the bottom was rotten. No problem copying. But I don't understand why you want to go to the fussy atmospheric burners in a forge that big? Also in my experience wool is great for a guy who wants fast heat for short forging sessions. Cast-able refractory is better for longer sessions like pattern welding. The constant patching a wool coating in a forge that deep is a major pain. I forgot to mention an impeller type blower is much better for a blown forge, especially if you restrict the nozzle
  23. Thanks Matt! Very cool forge. As luck would have it, I picked up a milk can on CL yesterday for $40. If you don't mind me stealing your design, I might try making one myself. It will likely be a 2 burner atmospheric forge. I will try making the shelf with wool blanket then coat with refractory.
  24. The swirl is because the burner enters the chamber at a tangent at the top right. It has no option but to swirl. That's one heck of a forge, btw. I've used it a few times.
  25. Looking forward to seeing where this goes... You've got some nice initial and pretty classic lines started there.
  26. You should be happy. That finished beautifully.
  27. Wayne, its about 11000 miles from you to me. If I take 40 pounds of your refractory, will you deliver for free?
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