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    Sleek mid-sized knive. Sole authorship. 4.25" slow twist pattern welded blade, African Blackwood handle and scabbard, silver spacers and pins, wrought iron spacer with a glossy black patina. 8.5" overall. The knife pressure fits into the scabbard for a secure fit.
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    Hi, here the second blade. Core from 1.3505, laminated with wrought iron. 150mm long, 28mm high and 6mm at the tang. Harded. [/img] [/img] Ruggero
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    I would be melting scrap aluminum. The idea is to fuel the foundry for free. Wood is cheaper.
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    Today I finished the rough polish on the cutlass I'm making and as always with a blade like this that means it is time to beat the tar out of it testing the temper. I turned a piece of 2x4 in to chips(as well as other flexing and impact test). Here are a couple of pictures of the result (the edge is about 1/32" and not sharp so the impact is greater and the cutting ability is less then on the finished piece. Let me know what you think.
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