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    Hello: Out of the deep. dark annals of the convoluted passages of my mind..something I whipped up.... This is a monster...14 3/4" long, 2" wide//full length fuller each side in my "Solar Storm" pattern in L-6 and 1070 steel. The phosphor bronze guard is hand forged and the grip is Reebok horn. Overall length is 20"..That little Chinese guy Aladdin could of used this one... Curved fullers can be a bit tricky but his one wasn't too bad to clean up..gotta love my Foredom flex shaft... Didn't turn out too bad for something I whipped out of me head...still got to do the sheath..that is for tomorrow... Hope the photos work... JPH
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    Hi Something different from me. My first fulltang knife ever. I call it fulltang puukko (prototype) As you can see, the wood is curly birch. Steel part is made from old file (Viiala file) and rivets are from old drillpits. Sheath will come later. No idea what kind off. This ricasso blade was a little tricky for me and my grinder and Im not happy with that. Well, that gives me a reason to buy new one Thanks for watching.
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    Not quite. The ash wood I split and hollowed was at some point part of a tree and so was the bark that I used to wrap the ash. The challenge was how to put it all back together so that it look like I had never taken it apart to begin with.
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    Today I tried to profile and grind a folder blade... only to find a huge flux inclusion. So then I went and had a few beers with a customer/friend.... and he showed me one of the knives I had made him. I pretty much died a little inside. He tried to cut a LIVE WIRE with it and melted a clean hole halfway through the knife... Infuriating to say the least. Glad he didn't shock himself. Today was not a good day.
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    That almost doesn't even look like wrought thats so nice.
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