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    Dear All, My latest offering... a 5 bar twist utility knife for a friend who enjoys a casual deer stalk on his estate from time to time. I attempted a casual persian inspired look... Not sure if I hit the mark but it feels lovely in the hand. Blade: 15N20/EN42J 5 bar twist Handle: American Black Walnut and Zebrano, copper pins and tube Thank you for looking and any comments or criticisms welcome as usual James
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    I dig it, in fact you have inspired me, and I really needed some inspiration. (I have your ewok spear and ax from that KITH by the way, I must say you have improved since then)
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    you will not lose this joker if u drop it in the grass! nice!
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    Hi kevin The larger one has the steel shot in it - her is the can prior to welding And the welded bar and another bar welded and not stretched as much. If scrapmascus bars are stretched the pattern will end up as stripes - as with all other patterns I guess Lars
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    A little update. I got the blade roughed out, and test etched at 220 grit. There are many empty spaces that are hiding some pattern. I'm hoping at higher grit with a longer etch they will become more visible. That or I end up with a mutant of a sanmai. Here are some pics of where I'm at. 12.5" OAL 7.75" blade 1.5"wide a little under .25"thick at the ricasso. I didn't do a very good job working each side the same amount so my pattern ended up not being to symetrical.
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