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    So both scales are attached. We have one small thing to do before we start shaping. Ok since we used the button heads to attach both liners, they are now in the way of the scale being flush to the liner. This is easily fix by drilling partial holes into the scale. So I screw the scale to the liner and mark through the two holes where the button head screws were pushing onto the liner. Just partially drill enough so that the screws will go into the holes. Once the scale fits we shape the scales to the knife using my grinder and file. Alrighty. So I grind in my bevels and prepare for heat treat, but first we have to drill the thumbstud hole and the detent ball hole. I mark where I want the thumbstud and rotate the blade from open to close to make sure the stud doesn't come in contact with any part of the knife. Now I'll sharpie the blade where I want the detent ball to go. You'll put the knife back together and open and close the blade a few times. This will mark through the sharpie and show you were to center punch for the hole. EDIT: I know this step above was a bit vague.. so I got an older knife and hopefully explained it a little better. Thanks. Basically you'll want to drill a small depression in the blade for the ball to go into once the blade is closed (having washers in for test fitting is a must at this point, as the washers give the detent ball room). It's also very important to do this step as it's what holds the blade in place when inside your pocket (you don't want to go to the emergency room for a blade in your leg). Here I took apart an older knife and showed how I did it. I scribbled sharpie on the blade, put the knife together and opened and closed the knife a few times... marking where the ball is sliding along the blade. Then I drilled my hole where the detent ball will be when the knife is fully closed. A different angle to show the small hole better. Sorry about the background noise. So what we're looking at atm is the blade opened... and while closing watch where the detent ball area is. See how the washer allows it to open without it pressing against the handle? Also note when the knife closes, you'll see it snaps close as it falls into the hole we drilled. Ok, the thumbstud hole is drilled and counter sunk to accept the screw (I used a 1/16th bit because that's the size of screw that came with the stud). You can also see I drilled the detent ball hole. This hole does not need to be deep. Just enough so the ball can grab into it. So I finish the blade to a 220g in preparation for heat treat. The blade is tempering right now and I'll continue tomorrow. Thanks guys!
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    Alan, I think you got it. KT sword, not Knights of Columbus. The first name on the sword is John.... Bill Hoffman 32nd SR Northern Jurisdiction
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