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    I always watch the YouTube series Man-At-arms, of which I'm sure most of you have heard by now, featuring the guys from Baltimore knife and sword. Normally they only do video game and movie builds and because of that are not too suited for this forum. However their latest video build is more historical, and totally awesome. To celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Dandao, a Chinese two handed sword, they are building one using historical methods. Including actually smelting the steel and doing silver inlays. I am also always very impressed with the time frame these guys work in: I believe they build 6 swords in 8 days. So I just thought the guys on this forum needed to see this:
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    looks like an early version of the sybian but i could be wrong
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    Today, as I was forging an epic sword of stunning beauty, a dragon began to attack my shop. I grasped the grip of the sword I forged long ago for just this task (which was conveniently hanging on the wall of the smithy) and strode out to do battle. I knew I had to dispatch the beast quickly, for I had placed the billet in the forge without flux, and the insidious fiend had landed so quickly I had not the time to constrict the air flow to my forge and thus create a reducing atmosphere. The billet was in peril! I shall not detail the manner in which I slew the beast, for it may be misunderstood as braggadocio, but suffice it to say that the task was accomplished and the billet saved, with ample time for a pint and a pipe at the close of the weary day. . . . Actually . . . I just went to work and had a lot of boring meetings, then I came home, had dinner with the family and walked around the shop, sighed a bit, and wished I had spent the day doing something real. Dave
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