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  1. I was always attracted to Mammen style (yes, gentlemen, I am aware that this sounds like a beginning of a C-class red library book, but I just couldn´t help myself...) but until recently, I was too afraid to try anything in it, because it seemed so intricate. I was reading about some viking artifacts and I came across the Cammin Casket . The more I was looking at it, the more it drew me, the figures, the ornaments.... the creatures seem so lively!!! I had to try something, and the two ravens present on the casket drew me the most. And so I decided to trap one of them. Below, you can see the re
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  2. Hello! I have recently been admiring the Cammin Casket, especially the two raven figures... they somehow stuck in my mind, and I knew I had to release them. And so I did The raven is trapped in the walnut handle now, wielding a 10,2cm long blade (2,1cm wide and 4mm thick), which is composed of a wrought iron spine, patternwelded rod, and a very old file for the edge. The hole for the blade was burnt in. The raven nests in a sheath made of 3mm thick cowhide, protected by brass plates. This knife is perfect for feasts and slaughter of food! The OAL is 22,7cm without the ring. I am asking 360U
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