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    Hi everyone! i've been off for quite a while due to some issues but now i'm trying to make it back slowly so i always liked J RUSSELL GREEN RIVER blades and the hunter blade most.i wanted to make one for a long time and i finaly did it from an old bearing(as usual ) and a few pics i took before assembling the handle and the pattern from ht are more visible the handle scales are made of ebony(it is a little brown) thanks for watching!
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    Here is a little knife I made from rasp. Beefwood handle with nickel guard. Thanks for looking, Rob
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    Heres one I finished recently forged W2, amboyna handle and nickel silver
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    Made this recently. 416 stainless with a Nicholson file core, approx. 5" long and 3/32" thick with G-10 handle. Thanks for looking, Clint
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    It is finished! Total length 40 cm Blade length 26,5 cm NZ3 steel, apple wood handle, hollow brass pins. @Derrick My rugger was inspired by some originals like http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=21619&p=201349and also outstanding reproductions by Fabrice Cognot. However it is not an exact copy of any specific existing piece.
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