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  1. It's been a while since I've completed anything worthy of sharing but I've managed to recently finish up this Type O sword. The blade is forged from 80CRV2 and is 29.5" in length. It is just over 2" wide at the hilt and has a CoG of 5". The hilt is mild steel inset with sterling silver panels and twisted copper and silver wire. It was a challenging piece but overall I'm really pleased with the finished sword. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Mark
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  2. Amongst my other projects, I'm making a traditional dogbone style Bowie. Lot's of pieces to this one. This photo doesn't include the eighteen domed pin heads that I turned individually on the lathe. (I forgot to bring the guard home from my other shop to include in the pic but it will have a traditional oval guard of 416.) The blade is a mosaic using some 4% nickel powder that I made a while back. The handle scales are a walnut burl with Damascus & 416 fixtures. I'm still debating on whether to add an escutcheon to the handle or not. It will have a through
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  3. I've still a half-day of handle clean-up to do but I got it assembled today:
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  4. Absoloutly wonderfull Ron I am amazed at your carving and leatherwork. I keep looking at that leathetwork..fantastic Ron
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  5. Scraping detail. The narrowest part of the flat is defined. I cheated some and removed some material with one of those dremel cut-off wheels.
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