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    Hello, I have this one for sale Damascus fulltang blade, with scales made of bone and sheath made of zebra. Price is 500USD You can contact me on my e-mail trman@seznam.cz Carpe diem TR
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    Adam, My grandfather and my highland clan blacksmith (both deceased) taught me how to smith. Both always said effort and power is no substitute for technique and the right tool. Now that I'm getting older and arthritis is taking effect, I have found their words to be very true.
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    Thanks, Kevin! The original version of this was commissioned by a sniper to build sniper hides, as well as to use as a backup defense. So, removing limbs of whatever variety is necessary.
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    that 12" blade looks downright wicked. Seems like it should be for removing limbs (the plant kind... tisk tisk). cool work, for sure.
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    alright, im calling this one done, the riveting on the sheath isnt the best but i dont want to do it again! my aunt sent me a bunch of leather working tools a few years ago and i just got around to using them, im really happy with what i made.
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    That is all about weight distribution and rebound.
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    I did the same thing, actually, and it has become my favorite hammer (even though it's a tad cockeyed). Something about the balance and weight just works for me, and at 2.75 pounds I find it moves steel like my crappy 4 pounders, and I am able to be much tidier with it than with the five-pound monster that Brent Bailey made me (though I love that hammer and it will likely be a family heirloom). Your comment about technique reminded me of an important discovery I made, though, that I thought might be relevant to the discussion: where on the anvil you are forging makes a huge difference in the efficiency of your strikes. For example, the only flat spot on my anvil is on the heel, so I do a lot of forging there, but I recently discovered that the hammer bounces almost twice as many times when dropped on the center of the anvil as it does when dropped on the heel. I tried carefully doing most of my rough forging closer to the center or front of the anvil, and it went almost twice as fast. It only took me three years to figure that out.
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