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    Hello I am new to the forum and will be posting for a relative who has no access to internet. Trying to get his work out there for him. I as well along with my nephew designed and run the humble website that is dedicated to his blade-smith work. It is under construction and lacking much content and pictures and information to come. But we just got it up not too long ago and have much work to do. Presenting "Kwauhteykwahn'tlohtseen" (revered hawk who is eater of eagles) a traditional 14" dueling bowie that was hammer forged in a clay, charcoal fired forge from a recycled mystery tool steel mixed with copper. Differentially heat treated. Solid brass hilt/guard hammer-forged from a large chunk of smelted recycled brass scrap that was then hammer fitted/formed firm to tang and then soldered. Traditional deer rawhide sleeve and pinwork on Arizona Ironwood scales carved from fallen dead wood. Handle naturally sealed in beeswax/mineral oil/chia oil. Sheath was made from old saddle leather, capped, riveted and adorned in traditional hand tooled brass-work made from recycled antique brass. Sheath knife retention strap was made from a section of old brass chain I believe possibly was originally a segment of an old pocket watch chain or fob of some kind. Sheath was also naturally sealed, and waterproofed in beeswax/mineral oil/chia oil. This bowie was a year in the making of on and off work in-between the time he took to finish the other 5 knives he will have produced these past 2 years. Thank you for looking.
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    Carbon steel nuts, bolts, and chopped up gear stock welded in a canister with 1095 and nickle powder, forge-welded-on random pattern 1080 and 1095 cutting edge. Hidden tang ebony handle with 3D printed cast bronze guard and medallions. The Nazz logo is hidden in the medallions. I've been having a lot of fun with canister damascus recently; I think I'll try to perfect this pattern a bit more, I really like where it's going... not quite there yet though, I want to find smaller carbon steel gearstock, nuts, and bolts. Could have welded on the edge a bit more cleanly - next time I think I'll go with a twisted edge, feels more appropriate for the theme.
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    Beautiful blade and sheath the patterns are amazing. I cannot wait to see more of his work. Please post a link to the website
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    I don't often post a project on here unless it is really a special one and this one I think qualifies. This is by far the largest knife I have made to date and was a custom order for my take on the historic Musso Bowie, with a couple of exceptions 1) the customer wanted fossil walrus ivory and 2) the sparring bar was to be made of damascus, which presented some notable challenges. Over all the blade is 2 3/4 inches wide and the blade is 14 inches long with the handle adding another 5 3/4 to the overall length. The sheath also had my first inlay of python skin which was interesting to work with. But I'd love to hear your thoughts as a more historic bowie is out of my normal wheel house, but it was a great learning project. Thanks for looking! -Robert
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    Welcome, very cool blade, good mix of design- I'm sure I won't be the first to say it , but I like everything about it. - also feel free to post the website in your message next time as well
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    This is a hidden tang 5.5" Fighter with a Loveless style handle made from African Blackwood with nickel silver hardware and a G10 spacer. The blade steel is Aldo's 1075.
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    I think this is real. anyone else hear about this? http://www.livescience.com/57063-viking-tools-found-at-mysterious-fortress.html
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    A friend did me some favors this summer, and I quipped that I would have to make him a knife in return. Then he said, "Well, I was going to talk to you about that.", and handed me the broken off crown of a little deer antler and a Pakistani blade from a flee market. The antler was from the only deer his son ever shot when they were hunting together. (20 years ago) It was the only antler the deer had, and it had been broken. My friend always thought it would make a neat knife handle, and had picked up the blade to put in it, and asked me if I could mount it. I said "NO!!!!!", but I'd be happy to make a blade to go in his antler. The antler is all the wrong size and shape to use as a knife handle, but I did the best I could. The other side of the antler is split almost to the 1/2-way point for about 2" so I really couldn't mount the blade the other way. I toyed with the idea of trying to build it up with some poured pewter, but those skill will have to wait for another day to develop. The blade is just ground out of a piece of 1/8" 1095 I had left over from stacking a billet. I was shocked to see the auto-hamon show up as I wasn't trying for that. I'll whip up a quick sheath this weekend, and give it to him before Christmas.
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