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    Thought I might share this one with everyone. An accident in the shop is sooooooo easy and often it happens around complacency. Something we have done in the past such, as in a hurry and not clamping a piece down at the drill press, and getting attacked by the helicopter! A accident at the table saw one day nearly cost me an eye, as it is I just have a new scar to add to my collection!! Any way something I have been doing for a while with my blades is when they get too a point where the blade point is dangerous. As we all know, "the knife does not know, when it is done and is perfectly willing to draw blood at any point it can"!! Anyway I found that this heavy wall vinyl tube is great to protect the edge of the blade as well as you from the blade! Some of it is heavy enough you may have to actually take like a 1/8" slot out for the blade, Clamp it on the work bench and use a ruler and a razor knife to split the vinyl tubing and if you need to remove more for a thick blade do it before you take it out from the clamps. With care slide it over the blades edge and tape with painters tape across the blade. Put a notch in in it at the point and you can fold it back at the point, and now the point is protected!! Not a real brain storm of an idea but it works, and the cost is minimal compared to stitches or worse!! Hope it helps somebody out there!
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    That knife has spirit. Charge double for it.
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    Gosh I miss the old forum software. I feel lost in the mist.
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    I think the pH in my stomach just went down a notch.
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    Took longer than expected, but the meat is finally nestled snugly in the pit under a warm blanket of sweet cherry and pecan smoke. Had to improvise emergency repairs on the pit as the mount point for the fan rusted away. Some 2" Kaowool, a piece of stainless pipe and duct tape got me operational. Not pretty, but it should get me through the cook. On the pit and ready to sleep through this bitingly cold night (it's 20F now and still dropping). Charcoal reload between 12:30 and 1, then I should be able to get 5 hours or so of sleep.
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    You guys know what this means :-) 50 pounds of brisked trimmed down to 37 pounds ready for prep. Sorry, no post prep pics. Briskets are injected and have been marinading for past 12 hours. They will be ready to go on the pit in about 9 more hours. Anyone my area tomorrow is welcome to a taste before I cool, wrap and freeze. More pics to come. -Doug
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    Caleb, the W-2 and 15T of 1084 will be delivered to the Connecticut warehouse a few days after the 14th of March. We need to pull it and get it all cut. It's looking like the last week in March is a safe bet. Al!, as for thicker 15N20 the mill can roll it as thick as 3/8". I've always though that it would be an excellent sword and large knife steel. We have it to 1/8 and I was considering 1/4". What do you all think?
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