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    Hi !! This time i want to show my first XVII century saber. Blade made of 50hf steel, handle made of stainless steel and ray skin. Overal length 970mm, blade length 855mm. Weight 780 g
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    Had some forge time today, and knocked this little guy out. Still have a long way to go as far as cleaning things up, but it's heat treated and tempered. Forged from a ball bearing race.
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    Looks like those knives are ready for some serious field dressing work...Nice JOB....
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    Those field scalpels look like they'd be a joy to use, and I like what you've done with your mark on the sheaths.
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    bacon always adds a nice touch to grilled cheese sandwiches anything!
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    Thanks guys! I'm assuming that it's annealed as it looks like it's been saw cut. They really don't know more than that it's D2 steel, it came from a local stamping plant that closed it's doors, they used it for the die's. Will it work well in it's annealed state or should it be heat treated? A file should be able to tell me approximately how hard it is, correct? If it will make a good knife I'll pick up some smaller pieces of it as well. There was all kinds of it there, I'm gonna find out how much it is before I decide on the huge piece, Doug thanks for the dimensions of a block that will work well. Again, thanks for all the help. Zeb
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