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    Hello everyone. Finally something (allmost) ready. Puukko with turkish walnut handle and brass fittings. Blade is german springsteel. Sheath will be ready later. I will add the pictures then. Hope you like it...Best regards..Lauri
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    Well, here they are sorry for the grainy cell phone pics.
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    I like it. I made a friend a blade almost identical to that out of 80CrV2, and he swears it is the best deer skinning/cleaning knife he has ever owned. The quality of heat treatment we can do on carbon steel blows away what most people are used to with factory stainless. I do really think that is a great blade shape. The original Nessmuk was a little pointier, I think. I have a copy of Woodcraft and Camping somewhere (on my computer). I may try to find it.
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    1080 /15N20 twisted crushed W's with stainless fittings and Turkish Walnut handle. Tried to make the sheath match the handle.
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    carving done, pommel plate fitted, ferrule shaped. This is just a dry fit up - still a few details to sort out before final assembly:
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    a better grinder does help because it cuts better. People tell you to not blame your tools if things don't come out right. But, your tools do shape (literally) the final product. A good grinder makes a big difference. It did for me, when I switched to a grizzly, and then again when I switched to Uncle Al's. Variable speed is worth it, but it means that you need a lot more horsepower. The vfd seems to take a good bit of power away, I wasn't criticizing your work at all with the picture from Woodcraft. I was just putting it there for reference. The shape of blade you made is a great one. You can make your bevels much more crisp and flat with good files, too. Plus, learning to file is probably the most important thing you can do in terms of working metal and wood.
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    We made the pattern on our CNC router. There is a central sprue with 4 cavities around it. We made it so we can give away the anvils as cool paperweights (with our logo) to customers and potential customers. It was all designed with the high chrome white iron in mind, as that is what we make a lot of and they were only meant to look cool, not be functional. I got a few weird looks when I said it would be way cooler if they were anvil alloy and heat treated. Who cares that they are only 3 pounds! You can set rivets on that, and it is just cooler!
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