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    Alrighty, fellow smiths! I have been working on this project for a little over a year now, and I finally feel like it is safe to post about it. I don't have a lot to show, at the moment, but I plan on keeping track of my progress throughout the creation of the various hilt components. The blade is made of 1084, and the blade is sitting just shy of 36" with an additional 10" of tang. These first few pictures are from before heat treat and polishing. A picture of my ugly self holding the blade for scale (pre heat treat). Here are two pictures of the blade after I finished the bevel grinding (post heat treat) And here is the only picture I currently have of the blade after I finished all of the polishing. I did not want a mirror finish, so I sanded to 800 Grit and then smoothed out the lines with a 5,000 grit automotive buffing pad. I found that this gave me a very smooth finish, but it does not reflect like a mirror. Unfortunately, I am a terrible photographer and I am having difficulty getting a picture of the full thing without the fuller blending out. Hopefully I will get some better shots soon (I'm very proud of how crisp I managed to keep the fuller). And that is where I am at. This is my third attempt at making a sword, and this is the farthest I have made it, yet. The previous two attempts failed first at bad grinding and second at heat treating. For that reason, I decided to wait to post anything about this sword until after I had successfully passed heat treating and grinding. Now that I am "in the clear" (yea, right), I plan on working to complete the piece by the end of the year. I have time off over thanksgiving and Christmas break, as I work for a University, so I should be able to accomplish it (hopefully). The last picture I have here is the concept art for what I plan to do with the guard, grip, and pommel. I have a ton of wrought iron, so the guard and pommel will be made of it. I plan on doing a leather wrap around a poplar wood grip. Despite all the research that I have tried to do, I still feel incredibly ignorant of how accurate my design is, or how it will affect the actual use of the sword. So, I request that anyone that does have a good understanding, point out any errors in my design that you see! Thanks for taking a look and for any constructive criticism that is offered!
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    Bah! With the right press dies, you could do all the fullers and hollows you could want. Forging is the only true path to a worthwhile blade. Which is why every time I set up my gough jig, I flagellate myself, and burn a tool in penitence to Haephestus.
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