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    Call it the sword of stunning...
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    That aint worth a velvet painting of a dolphin and a whale gettin it on. It's just about the most rediculouse thing I've seen to date.
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    You know me. I love all historic Bowies. This one leaves me with more than a little scepticism however. Should a prominence prove it's authenticity I will be surprised. Resin Bowie was known to give away other knives and even to have them engraved but this one doesn't have either the blade nor hilt design that Resin Bowie showed a preference for in his other knives. Also, William Lacy seems to be an unknown to the history of the times. This in itself means little but I would feel better if a link between Lacy and the Bowie family could be found. Let's hope that the knife is authentic but I have my doubts.
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    Zeb, thanks for the perspective. I agree on all points. You will see a simpler approach on my next project which is a kitchen knife. Simple blade and handle construction. No saw, pommel, or guard. Simple flows and beauty by simplicity.
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    Learning the craft is a bit like eating an elephant: there is a whole lot there but you still have to do it a bite at a time. I mean, that, it is easy to look at some of the work of others, with much more experience, and try to do what you see them doing now. The level they may be working at today is most probably not the level they started at. Take it like most folks do. Work on the blade design -make it suit the intended purpose. Work on the bevels, understand what a ricasso is and why it is there. Understand the option of a choil, understand distal taper. Learn about the ergonomics of a proper guard and how it works with proper handle design. I see quite a bit of unbridled enthusiasm there, an impress amount, and the fact that you took on so much and completed it shows you have the needed determination and good on you for that. I think that if you slow down a bit and work on each basic technique and learn more about blending the techniques, and parts of the knife together, you could be quite successful.
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    It presents two belts with buckles and endings. Early medieval is from elk antlers, Gothic from wild boar bones. In the case of this gothic belt, I modeled on the originals from Western Europe. It presents the initial phase of production of this buckle,the removal of a flat surface, later the work is only work with tiny iron files.
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