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    It also has a bit of a "how'd he do that?" factor when the frame material matches the blade and there is a solid guard in what looks like a notch in the full tang.
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    Told you an angle grinder would help! Looks great. You might want to bring the bevels up to at least half the width of the blade. That's called a saber grind, or Scandi grind if you don't have a secondary bevel when sharpening. Less than a third of the width of the blade is called a noob grind. The taller your bevels the better it will cut. Simple geometry.
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    Thanks for the info and the offer. I'll pass on the offer, I've already repair a couple and have a handle of the process. Plus, last time I let someone that was suppose to know what he was doing, I had a crack appear on the anvil face as we were loading it in my truck.
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