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    Strap in boys and girls. Here we go
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    Hi ! A few days ago i made flat bar with s290 as core and i want to show you how it looks like Blade made by Michał Sadko
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    Here you go... Enjoy...
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    The Searles Bowie has always fascinated me. To my eye the tang just seems to be a weak spot but overall I like it a lot. I've often thought about a downscaled version with a more, to my eye, proper tang. Maybe about 3/4 size in most dimensions.
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    Made from simple plate steel bolted together
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    Hi Guys Just wrapping up some loose ends before the UK Knife show on Sunday. This harpoon point hunter has a laminated blade with an L3, (52100) core and Suminagashi 2 cheeks, blade length is 130mm, blade thickness is 5.5mm and the overall length of the knife is 250mm. The handle scales are python skin Micarta with red liners held with two stainless Corby bolts. The sheath is a wet moulded leather pancake style dyed black with Kydex rivets and a Tek-Lok belt clip. Thank you for taking the time to look, all comments and critique as always very welcome. Steve
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    There you go Ben, that's something I hadn't thought about I'll have to give that a coat of looking at buddy. Thank you for taking the time to look and your comments gents.
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    That's a DaVinci cam. Relies on gravity, which is pretty inefficient for small hammers.
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    Maybe leather instead of paracord?
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    I agree with Ben, the blade shape and the pattern on it is really appealing, I like it a lot.
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    Two axes from the Bronze Age, the larger one is Nortycken of the Scandinavian provenance and is 18 cm long. Smaller is "from behind", ie from Transylvania. In professional literature, it is called the Hungarian type and has a length of 14 and a half centimeters. Decorations were made by hand with an iron (unfortunately) stylus.
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    I really like the blade and the patterning on it. The paracord I could do without as I feel it is just... there, but that is personal preference. Beautiful handlework and bladeskills.
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    Thanks guys! the first axe is a basic craft axe Of my own style i made a few years ago, got a nice inserted steel bit. The second is my take on a rare traditional pattern of british axe known as a "cratemakers". I think the origin of the style goes back to pre- containerised shipping where reall shipping crates were made dockside. these axes (often much heavier than this example) served as great tools for rapidly fabricating cheap but effect joints for these wooden crates. Or at least that is my theory on the name. 3 and 4 are both variations on a theme, using a traditional northern european way to build a socketed axe. #3 is a thick edge, double beveled hewing axe for housebuilders, number 4 is more of a general purpose carpenters style, again double beveled. the advatage in this instance of the socket is the interchangeable handle. scandi log building styles often dont hew the surface until after the structure has been built, thus you can find yourself hewing the interior wall and when in a corner, you may have the advantage of altering the haft.
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    I made a bit of progress on the fittings, elongated hexagonal shapes that have been slightly rounded over. I'm glad that I was able to grind the face of the bolster flat and still have a great fit, I'm definitely using this guard making method from now on. I wanted to have a whitesmith style to the blade and fittings with file texture. I love the look of some of the historical artifacts that Peter Ross has in his shop, and I wanted to make something that looks like it. It is crisp in shape, yet the file texture is still there, and it has been etched to artificially age the steel. I will heat up the fittings to darken them with oxides, then brighten the high spots.
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    Looking forward to it, Gary. I loved the way that horsehead bowie turned out.
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    You two do realize that this thread is over two-years old?
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    Well, I am a Jimmy fan, so that is good praise. Thanks Geoff!
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    A slight design change...Buffalo horn will cap off the pommel and the guard will also be made from it.... Did I say buffalo horn? I mean the petrified blood of the uruk hai hardened by the magics of the.... We will get to that. These glyphs are uhh hard to decipher....
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    Got the plunges cut and the guard lined up on a damascus hunter im working on. Still debating about the handle in my head. Heres a sneak peak of the pattern This picture was taken before the plunges were cut, obviously.
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