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    Hi, I'm new to bladesmithing but have been doing it for about 9 months now. Here is a chefs knife I made for myself. It is 1306 layers of 3 steels, 1080,1095, and 15N20. I did many different things to this to get to 1306 layers, not just simply folding it over and over again. I twisted it, drilled raindrop pockets, alternated the grain pattern, etc. The handle is made from white and black pearl Kirinite which I glued together to make each handle scale. Used 3 brass 1/4" dowels to secure handle. It's super sharp and cuts incredibly well. Thanks for looking!
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    Made this knife for my Daughter. It is 16 layers of 1080 and 15N20. This is the end cut from a twist billet. I did a hidden tang with a solid brass surround. I used Royal Blue Kirinite for the handle with stainless steel pins. Thanks for looking.
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    Because those are unknown scrap made in literal sweatshops in Pakistan. If you use free steel and slave-wage labor you too can produce cheap damascus of dubious quality.
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    Now wait just a moment there Sir Longmire. Are you considering that thievery is an ageless and dignified occupation? Are you suggesting that the scum that attacked JPH is the same as our venerable Bilbo Baggins? Who in their right mind would put together a D&D campaign and NOT have a decent 5th level thief on board? It's not what you steal, it's whom you steal from that matters. Stealing from Jeff Bezos is not the same as stealing from the 7-11 on the corner. Doctoring your income tax return might be considered thievery by some, but most Americans consider it a sport. @JPH I am truly enraged by this news. There is nothing quite so violating as having someone steal your livelihood.
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    Oops...it's 2018 now.
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    Thanks Jan and thanks for sharing all this. I hope to one-day also try this path and will surely be looking to this thread for help.
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    Ready for surface grinding & a tile cut:
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    Hi All It has been a while, here are a couple of pieces I made for an exhibition. 1) Deer antler, Gilding metal (tombac) and damascus, total length 28 cm.blade 16 cm 2) Cow horn, Gilding metal, damascus, total length 35 cm, blade 22 cm.
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    Pierced holes. 22 cm, 18 cm, 18 cm, 16 cm
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    Holy crap, that almost doesn't look real; it's too perfect! Very nice work. I hope to reach that level some day...
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    WoW! I'm really impressed! It's a testimony of the finest craftsmanship and ... patience. Beautiful!
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