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  1. The butt cap is screwed in place. I will countersink for the screw head then epoxy.
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  2. You can also get 80CrV2 for just a little more per pound in thinner sections.
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  3. That is a great looking knife Justin! Man I love Bowies so much. That is a great example of why.
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  4. What's not to like about that one? Answer not a darn thing, I like it! Pure, clean, elegance!! Top shelf material!!
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  5. I only wish I were joking about that. The sad part is, they are every bit as capable of making as good a file as USA Nicholsons used to be. Same steel, same machines, same everything except the most important: management that cares if the product is any good. Thus the blanks fed into machines crooked so the teeth don't reach the edges and heat treatment so poor it would be funny if I had not paid for it. Classic corporate profiteering, buy a respected brand, cut costs to the bone, and rake in the profits until the ship sinks. Rinse, repeat.
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