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    <img height="1" width="1" style="display:none" src="https://www.facebook.com/tr?id=881726555279595&ev=PageView&noscript=1"> The Tommi puukko is now complete. Thank you for viewing and commenting.
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    I got started on another mosaic this week. This one will go in a canoe for welding. The diamonds in the center have a four petal flower design. The triangles have the same after being 4-wayed an additional two times to reduce the pattern in size. When in the canoe, I'm going to add some 1084 powder around the entire billet to picture frame the mosaic. I'm not sure on what style of blade that I will use it on. I'm still designing that but I'm thinking about some type of dagger.
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    hello, New project in progress. Hand forged blade from EN45 spring steel, hilt made from brass, oxidized steel, wood, leather and reindeer antler. Scabbard in progress.
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    Figured it out... I actually didn’t have a perfect seal on the one mig tip. Just needed more Teflon! Now it’s running great! Just made myself some tongs from rebar! :-)
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    This will be interesting!!! Cant wait for more.
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    After mulling a bunch of ideas, i ended up using a couple of 2x8s with a 2x spacer to block off the holes in the column, and filled the remaining space with a sand/gravel mix. Took out the ringing added, weight, and i can still drill through the column for fixtures if needed. Made parts for connecting the cylinder to the frame and the spring. Pictures to follow.
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    Alright Jeremy! Someday soon plan on making some. The one day that I (tried) forgewelding, did not turn out so well.
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    Just a quickie to finish this thread off really. We only have one dedicated knife show here in the UK and that is Knives UK held at the end of June. I entered this Bowie into the professional makers competition and I am very proud to say that it won best in show. I was very humbled and to say the least, not a little bit pleased as this was the third year in a row that I have won this accolade. I think I'm right in saying that I am the only professional maker who attends this show to have done that. Anyway here's a pic of the Bowie with the award, thanks guys for all of your comments and continued interest in this thread. Steve
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    Holes drilled and tapped for the guide and bearing mounts; ram filled with lead....really quieted it down. I may have to fill the top and bottom braces with something as well to cut down on noise from there as well. I have about a bazillion holes that need to be filled on the main column to be able to fill it with a sand/oil mix to deaden the ringing noise there.
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