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    Grinding grinding and more grinding lol. Looks nice almost looks like you are making an extremely nice set of table knives am I correct? Or am I wrong on that one lol.
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    Looking good as always!!!
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    Tear out could make sense, this stuff is pretty soft. Here are the bulk samples/one of the mounted sections: This stuff is really pretty, especially out of a water pour. I polished/etched some more rolled samples this morning, I’ll get some pictures up when I have more time.
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    Wrought iron, pure nickel and high carbon steel some stabilized ebony and stabilized pear wood. Forged the blade over a year ago and I’m glad I finally found time to finish it.
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    I doubt that there is anyone who can say that every piece of their equipment is "perfect" . This is especially true when its home built but that does not mean purchased equipment is perfect either. Very often you have to settle for "make do" or temporary solutions to the many problems that come up. Remember too that if you intend on selling knives, the customer doesn't care if you made it on perfect equipment even if they knew anything about it in the first place. A buyer measures by the results. Nobody has ever started out with perfect gear.....because...there is no such thing anyway. Everything compromises something for some other advantage. That is why there are so many choices out there. You will develop your own ideas about what is "perfect" to you with experience. Sometimes your methods and techniques will develop around your equipment plussesand minuses and other times your equipment will develop around your plusses and minuses. You will always be "developing" so the best thing to do is get the gear up and running however it will and begin the development process. It cant happen until you start.
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    Another gorgeous showpiece!
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    If you are worried about corrosion then check into the various stainless steels. Anything with 13% or more chromium is considered stainless. The more the chromium-the more corrosion resistant it is. Note what Alan said about N/S. It's basically white brass with it's main ingredient being copper.
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    I intentionally set this one aside for 48 hours. Once going back to it I decided that the ricasso area was too long and took about 1/8" off of it as well as doing some subtle changes to the shape of the ivory. Here's what I ended up with:
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    Yeah - that seems to be the running price for a full set... hard to swallow when you take a saw to them right after getting them out of the box. Thanks! Glad you like it!
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    Challenge accepted! As always, my phone camera sucks. You'll have to take my word that it looks better in person. I think I'm going to play around a little with a superglue finish and see if that will step it up another notch.
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    I just realized that my work is not too far from you. I have some extra Satanite left over from mine if you need more.
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