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    Some more updates on this. Please, let me know what you think.
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    Ha, lucky guess! Definitely let us know if you LIKE using them to set rivets.
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    It sure looks like a John Brooks. I know they were usually marked JB or John Brooks but I'm not sure of the pre WW2 ones. I know prior to that they were forged and are much harder to find. There is one thing I know for sure.....It's making me jealous!!!
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    Santa came early this year. Yesterday I picked up a Little Giant 25-lb. power hammer and a 24-ton press. Had to drive down to Oregon and pick them up. It was a bear getting them onto the trailer. Got them home last night and am now awaiting the forklift to show up so I can unload them.
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    Forgot to post the finished machine: Our "holy roman belt grinder". After extensive use, I can say the time and money spent on the cyclone paid off! The airstream pulls away all dust, I don't need to wear a mask or clean up afterwards. It even cools the blades while grinding!!
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    Well now I'm more concerned about the heat. I don't want to stroke out. Well now I'm more concerned about the heat. I don't want to stroke out.
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    For those of you who followed this saga, I ended up with 4 swords in the trash can: Here is attempt #5 which seems to be going well so far:
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