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    ***HACKED BY THE WIFE!!!*** He's grounded from all chemicals! Lol -Sam
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    5 inch hunter with handle of black, brown and tan linen micarta and brass. Blade is random pattern in 15n20 and 1095. Dangler sheath in halftanned leather.
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    It was a beautiful day here in the Ozarks and I took advantage of it to get a new mosaic damascus billet started. I started with a 21 x 4 "W" billet. To this I added some layers of both steels: The next weld: Welded & squaring on the bias: Cut into four getting ready to 4-way: I haven't yet decided if I want to make this into a explosion pattern or into a diamond. Either way I will do either two or three 4-way welds on it. I've yet to decide what style of knife to make from it. I started this one primarily to heat up the shop today before starting work on my latest orders as it was 30 degrees when I started and my only heat for the shop is the forge. I haven't planned any specific project for this steel yet. It will probably end up being a large modern style Bowie with either ironwood or blackwood for a handle.
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    Is she home yet? Are you still alive? I can't help noticing nobody has said "Dude, why were you staining wood in your new, unfinished kitchen?" That's 'cause we're guys. We all do stupid stuff like this. And we never have a good answer...
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    Awe, she's just saying "you're number one!"
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    A couple of weeks back I made a pair of skinners with one being a mini and the other a thumbrest as well as a copper bolstered bowie and when I posted them on my facebook page I was asked to do the same trio for one of the gunshops that carries my knives. today I had them finished and will be able to ship them away. The two skinners have buffalo horn bolsters and accacia (blackwood) scales on 1084 blades. The mini blade is 3 1/2 inches and 7 3/4 over all while the thumbrest has a 4 inch blade and is 8 3/4 overall. Simple knives but have an appeal with those who want a good blade without flash. The copper bolstered bowie has (African) Tambotie scales on a 7 1/4 inch blade of 1075 with 12 3/4 over length. I make the sheath as a weak side butt forward carry as a strong side vertical makes drawing and replacing the knife a bit cumbersome and this solution works very well. Rather pleased with this one.
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    Loving that Bowie Garry.
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    Hello again! Had a thin piece of pattern welded steel that was up to no good, so I figured I'd set it straight. Not much else to be said, did some silver inlay for every fifth millimeter, and the numbers and grades in between are all copper for better contrast. Lightly etched and then waxed. Presto! Hope you all like it
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    I had a similar realization as I was in the shop the other day, moving all my left over damascus and san mai cut offs to their designated storage spot on my shelves.
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    Um.......how deep does it go?
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    The bar was approx. 2" square when I started squaring on the bias.
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    I used very salty water...I didn't go with a certain ratio or the like. Here's a link to the power supply I use: Power Supply You'll need to get the leads and the alligator clips as well. Any electronics store should have these items. Cheers!
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    What you doin with that wool? Trying to make a rusty vinegar water concoction to use as stain? I know a faster method if it may interest you. About half and half mix of white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide with a spoon full of table salt. I call it "insta-rust"got it from a Walter sorrows video. You can brown things with this (and blue if boiled after) rust heavily, and put iron in it and make a good stain for high tannin woods. Curly maple is gorgeous with it!.
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    It'll take a bit more wool since it's a bit stronger, but that's all.
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    In general, yes, leaf springs make decent blade steel. It helps if you mnow exactly what alloy it is, but the basic 5160 treatment works for 99% of them, maybe not optimally, but functionally. I find the difference in hardness at heat between 5160 and A36 mild to be about 4:1. That is, the 5160 takes me four times as long to get the desired shape compared to mild. And I have been doing this for 20 years. See if you can organize a couple of strikers with sledge hammers. Assign everyone a number. You are the lead smith, or #1. Arrange the signal to stop before you get going, because once you get into the rythm it's easy to keep going. The usual signal is you taking the last blow by just dragging your hammer off the steel. Yell "STOP!" at the same time, of course. Be warned if your strikers get out of synch it can get dangerous fast. There have been broken noses, lost teeth, and concussions from hammerhead ricochets. And whatever you do, don't say "when I nod my head you hit it." (Old blacksmith joke, sorry)
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    Just stuck a block of walnut in a blo/turpentine mix. Got it under vacuum now. We'll see what happens.
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    Actually last Friday, finished installing the VFD's in a cabinet:
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    For the last four days I've been working in the Draper's shop in one of their knife making classes, learning the tricks of the trade, and in that time this is the blade I made under their supervision. It is 124 layers in a random pattern with a brass guard and kings wood for the handle. It measures 4 and a 1/4'' on the blade and 8 and a 1/2'' overall. It is my own design, inspired by the Scottish dirk. I really can't say enough about how amazingly helpful Audra and Mike are, they taught me so much and not just how they do things, but how I can do everything in my own shop even without all the cool tools. Super great people, super great teachers, and some of the best food and company you can get.
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    Thanks alot Richard, that means a lot coming from a craftsman as skilled as you :-). Your forgings give me the same feeling.. Thanks Mr Craft! I just did a transfer from a laser printer. BUT, if I would do it again I would actually step it out by hand. I am quite certain I can reach higher precision that way. Like you said, every hair your off, throws off the end mark with an incredible amount. But that can be used to your advantage :). As a treat, here is a few WIP-pictures. The last one, features the conture-lines I cut around all inlays. With a strand of hair as a reference for the size. Picture was taken at 20x
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