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    Gentlemen, I am going to attempt a WIP type post. I am making a pair of knives as gifts for friends who recently lost their job due to wonders of the corporate Jenga game. As you can see from my prior post I have been significantly influenced by the Scandinavian/Sami culture: Might have something to do with the 3 feet of snow in my yard at the moment, or might have had something to do with my walkabout to the northernmost parts of Norway, Sweden, and Finland way back when I was in highschool. Not to much else to say. I will just start in with the pictures. Here is my initial sketch. I live in a tiny (population 3kish) town, high in the mountains, set on the edge of pristine lake with multiple ski resorts nearby, seemingly endless wilderness, and many cabins out in the middle of nowhere (some of these "cabins" are multi-million dollar mansions, others are the more traditional, cozy cabin in the woods). I wanted to convey this kind of place in the knives. I am hoping to pull off a hand forged 80crv2 blade (even though I have little forging experience). Handle is reindeer antler, some stabilized koa I bought quite a while ago, and bolster/butt from an old wagon wheel I found hiking in the woods. Sheath is the same wood, possibly inlayed antler, and half-tan leather. I have worked on the blades some, but I don't have all the pictures put together yet, so I'm going to just start with this. My hope is I will learn a lot through this process, so please critique as I go along. I am also using this as a personal motivator, usually my knives take months and I want to get these done quickly so I figured the forum may keep me accountable. Adam
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    There are times where I have to spend my day at work writing reports, proposals, or other mind numbing stuff. This is one of those days. Usually, I fire up Pandora and have some music playing while I type. Thanks to this group, I discovered the Viking Metal genre a couple of years ago. To steal a catch phrase from an online Whisky community I am a part of "You magnificent bastards!" Now picture this: A middle aged executive, sitting behind two computer monitors with a sport coat hanging of the back of his chair. Papers strewn across the desk, with a MontBlanc 149 sitting uncapped on a notepad. An adjoining office with a relatively conservative administrative professional keeping the place running smoothly... ...and the gentle sound of Ensiferum wafting through her door.
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    Hi, after a very long time I decided to post again. These are three knives, one for father and two for sons. I had some nice and hard wood, but not sure what it is. Maybe someone have experience with it?
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    In my case I wasn't talking about putting my mark on something I didn't make. I get asked to make reproductions, aka fakes, of Civil War artifacts. My refusal to make them without adding my mark and a production date really irritates the potential clients who claim they only want an authentic repro. In my opinion, the only reason they are turned off by a makers mark on an otherwise well done facsimile is because they plan to pass it off as authentic for an absurd amount of money.
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    One more bolster to make, here goes. I'm still not sold on this scandi grind bolster concept. It just seems as soon I get this all assembled and completed I'm going to sharpen it and the bevel is going to look funny. Not sure how I'm thinking about this wrong, because I see so many cool scandi blades that are perfect all the way up to the bolster... Are they just never sharpened? I'd love to see the close up shot of a scandi blade right against the bolster that has been sharpened a few dozen times. Not sure what to think, but I'll give it a go. Drilled and cut out A little filing and alittle blunt force trauma (big hammer and a copper pipe). I have found a few good wacks takes care of that last little gap that you want to get rid of, and seats the bolster on there nice and tight. To get it off, loosen the vice and set the bolster down on the vice and it only takes a couple little taps on the tang. It's done. another tight fit, if I do say so myself. Going to start fitting the handles next. I hope this evening found you well. No glamour shots tonight, I figured your all probably getting tired of snow pictures, and that's pretty much all we have right now Adam
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    Well Darrell , hope you don't get frozen ! Those knives must be worth twice now at least ! We rarely get those low temperatures in winter. I'm waiting on them for years now to prove my theory/phantasy : The Scharmbeck furnace runs on natural draft when there is a strong frost. https://www.facebook.com/thijs.vandemanakker/media_set?set=a.331689023558428.78511.100001519982564&type=3 In this film at 0:23 Arnold-Jan Scheer is pronouncing my name : Thijs van de Manakker, wich actually means : Thijs from the Battlefield. Thank you also for the last question, I send it back unopened to anyone who's reading this, so if there is some one: just ask or comment. Meanwhile I'll go searching for the next victim.
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    Everyone who registers for the forum is personally validated. I have to go through each registration, checking the email address to see if they are spammers. Those who choose to use a handle or some cryptic username are going to get deleted, I just don't have time to investigate everyone. I use to send out an inquiry email to those registrations I had doubt about, but the numbers have dramatically increased and I just don't have the time to do it anymore. I go through the list quickly every morning and dump anyone who doesn't pass the sniff test. Sorry, it is just the way it is. If you want to be sure that you are validated, send me a personal email and include your username. I do want to welcome those who are interested in bladesmithing and would love to leave the door wide open, but those days are long gone. Be patient, follow the process and you can join us.
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