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    Let me present Roðinn Hrafn - the Red or "Bloodstained Raven". Blade in folded and twisted railroad steel, in a san-mai lamination with Øberg steel for the core. Handle in stabilized Maple, with Holly for the core, copper, brass and vulcanized fiber. The Holly is engraved with Elder Futhark runes - written in old Norse - and filled with ashes. Any and all critique, is ... as always - most welcome. :) Sincerely, Alveprins.
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    Had someone over in the shop who is considering getting into the hobby. I got him started him on a knife. I'm starting to wish I had learned from someone from the beginning. He did a lot of it but I stepped in every once in a while to show technique and correct issues (he asked me to). Went from forging to grinding and heat treat. Looking pretty good so far I think. I usually get the shoulders set prior to heat treat but we were in a bit of a hurry. The way I do the shoulders, it shouldn't be an issue. Either way, I think he got a pretty good taste of what the hobby entails. And he definitely wants to finish the knife. My first time teaching this stuff. Just out of heat treat. Had cleaned up ricasso to test hardness.
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    You are lucky indeed! I love my #100 Fisher. It's quiet to work on and the face is super hard. Nice score dude!!!
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    It is indeed a Fisher! Score! You lucky bastard, that is!
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    This little Bowie as a 6 1/4" blade of 1080 & 15N20. Handle is some nice black walnut burl with 416 fittings & ivory escutcheons. (The escutcheon pins are through pins.)
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    And he does it again another nice bowie
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    Gorgeous as always Gary
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    You sir, are a dog !! A lucky one.......................
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    Use some chalk and cover that use white chalk and you’ll be able to see it better. But definitely a nice score.
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    Ok, I'm too excited about this to not share it. I'm working on my second attempt at mosaic pattern, and just got my first glimpse of the pattern. I'm kind of bouncing up and down like a kid at Christmas right now...
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