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    Here is something I made for a friend - he wanted it simple with a rust browned/blackened blade. Handle is hickory 18" long. Blade edge is 3" and 6 1/4" from edge to back of poll (1018 body with a 1075 bit). Nothing fancy, just a basic hawk using Alan's great tutorial to guide me along. One of these days I have to try my hand at doing some fancy file work on one. Critiques always appreciated.
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    Get the most CFM capacity you can afford, once you have it you will not know how you got by without one...................
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    Oh man Gary........love that recurve goodness!
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    I got the components for the largest of my knives roughed out today. I'm not sure just how to describe it. It's not quite a kukhri and not quite a sub-hilt. Whatever you want to call it, it's definitely a fighter.
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    So I stopped at a yard sale and got to talking with the lady. There were saddles and bits and Spurs and a bunch of other stuff. She's a sculptor and I told her my wife and I are blacksmiths. She says she has an anvil somewhere, but doesn't know where. We trade phone numbers and I go home. 15 minutes later I get a text that she found it. She says her boyfriend wants $150 but will probably take less. $125 later, and it's in my truck bed. A 9/16" ball bearing dropped from 24" rebounds to about 22". This emblem on the base looks like an eagle and an anchor. Name on the foot says FISHER (?) 160 what though? 15" x 4" face
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    Just saw this one. Looking great man.
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    I bought some cheap lunch box containers and made a customwood block to fit inside and another for under the container This is a short video I did of making one side of my patriot paper micarta but you can see how it is simple to do and keep clean of the epoxy mess that some get into https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvJh3kzHwbo&feature=youtu.be
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