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  1. So this is the first blade I forged (final shaping and bevels anyway) with the dogface hammer I made a while back... started with 3/16X1-1/2 1095 bar stock. I forged in the bevels, then ended up deciding to do a full flat grind. Not at all because the bevels weren’t even and I didn’t want them to keep chasing them upward on blade. Nope, wasn’t because of that at all Anyway, I do think I’m starting to make some improvement, or it could just be confirmation bias on my part lol. I did a 320 grit finish on the blade, 220 on the G10 scales for grippyness. Pretty sure that’s the tec
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  2. I made myself a hammer I´ve wanted for a long time: an english style dog head hammer. Forged from 60mm square c45 steel (1045 basically) with a curly walnut handle, just because I wanted to be fancy. weight is 1500 grammes so about three pounds. This thing was a lot harder to forge than a normal hammer, the wedge shape keeps trying to shoot away under the hammer. Good thing I also have a grinder It feels nice to forge with so far, I have to see how I like it when I start forging a new knife.
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  3. Nice job on that harpoon point blade. The progression of photos really shows that the nicest finished knife started out looking like something the cat dragged in. Doug
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  4. How are you sharpening with your stones? There's obviously something wrong...My last kitchen knife could split my arm's hair with the blade just hovering above the skin. And that with just a 30$ King 1000/6000 water stone and a leather board. There's also a bit of controversy around belt sharpening. I've seen a study that proved it overheats the edge apex no matter what, unless it was running extremely slow or wet.
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  5. Great work Joshua !! ............................
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  6. So it's been a while since I've added to this but I have completed a working version 1 of the forge. And will be testing it this weekend at a reenactment. So far so good but I'm loozing forward to seeing how it handles it's first fire
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  7. The lines on those really flow well - nice work.
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