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    Blade inlays: Campo de Cielo Meteorite & W1 Remainder of blade: 1084 powder Handle Scales: Walnut Burl w/faux ivory (Arvorin) inlays Fittings: 416 stainless
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    Not that I know of. The blades are pretty corroded, and I see no sign of patternwelding.
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    The way that the pattern pops on that blade is crazy! One of my favorites so far.
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    That was a neat build Gary. Looking good
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    Just for completeness sake, here's a picture of what it's like finished. I've finished it many years ago but never uploaded photos to this thread. Just to be clear, while the blade is based on an original, the handle isn't and most likely was just a straight, longer hilt much like on other seaxes. However, more complete examples need to be found to be certain about that.
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    I’ve seen that done before and I’ve been meaning to try it, but the blades I’ve been making are not thick enough to do it. I did go back and watched all of your videos and I think starting with thicker stock for a bigger blade would let me not have to hit the ricasso area as much. And/or make a flatter to try.
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    Besides redressing the face to your hammer you might be hitting your work a bit too hard. doug
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    I built a vacuum chamber from PVC pipe and drew Fiebings Leather dye into maple with it. I used a heavy rubber hose and pipe fittings to hook it up to my air compressor pump's intake ports. Drew 30 inches of vacuum in about 5 seconds. I also pulled acrylic Resolene into wood as well. In the end, I am a lazy man and decided it's more work than my time is worth. YMMV
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    If you have a way to recut your wood and want to save money order from a wood turners supply house. You can get several handles from a 16" spindle blank. Doug
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    I just eyeball it.
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    I see all you responsible adults managed to avoid making the very obvious joke that goes with this thread title
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