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    I have been playing with feather patterns recently, started up looking at illerup idal blade fern patterns and later evolved to a feather pattern , trying to get a stand alone feather...Its been fun. and has lots of spin offs running in my mind. firy , flamy frondy stuff!
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    Wow Gary! You really do 10 mosaic blades a week, don't you? You only show us one at a time so we don't feel bad about our own skills...
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    Steve, that is a very nice friction knife and I especially like the hammering and patina on the copper. What did you do? Hammer the copper apply liver of sulfur then sand it off the high points to show the contrast. I was also given the idea that the authorities in the UK were cracking down on pocket knives. Is it the fact that it's a friction folder that makes it legal? Not trying to get political, just trying to understand the situation. Doug
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    Thanks Ken. The blade was dead straight until I water quenched in my clawfoot soaking tub. I ended up with 0.75" of sori. I just forged out a Tsuba from a piece of wagon wheel.
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    Heat treated these two, both 80crv2 I think. Straight as can be too. Made this for fun, a little short at about 3 fingers which actually feels pretty good. And then this I made a few months ago for my dad and it’s still going great! I really scored a perfect 10 with this board of cocobolo. The picture doesn’t do it justice at all.
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    Score! 150$ for the two. 6" vise and 1 0 3 anvil minus the horn. I spent a good 2 hours cleaning them up. The vise is in pretty good shape!
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    First look at the pattern on this big canoe canister Damascus camp chopper/machete!
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