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    Last night I forged a hunting knife for my boss and ground it today. Made a template of the drawing he liked, then forged pretty close to shape. And I rehandled the chef knife I made in a class because it was off center from the blade.
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    The customer on this one wants a Fairbairn/Sykes style dagger but has given me some artistic leeway on it. This being the case, I think that I will give it a damascus blade and probably a ribbed blackwood hilt with stainless fittings.
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    So this was a first attempt, I see on Instagram that this type of knife is very popular so I wanted to take a crack at making one. its O1 tool steel with dyed and treated leather for a spacer and then gutted paracord for the crossover wrap and non gutted for the turks head knot. There are a few things I would do different with this one, the handle is a bit short, even for me, someone with larger hands would consider this a 3 finger type knife, and I narrowed the tang out a bit more then I should have considering I used gutted paracord for the main wrap portion so there is a thickness difference between the blade and the handle, but all in all I really like how it turned out, its nice and light in the hand, and falls perfectly into a reverse grip and feels like it was made to be used that way.
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    First of all, thank you gents....once again. My dad always said "met geweld kan jy jou vinger in jou hol af breek"......using force you can break off your finger in your a-hole So less force, chalk and the angle thing......that all worked. I'll still get RSI's, but my physiotherapist is a very pretty German girl, many others consider her a sadist, but I think she hurts good, so it all works out!
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    This is a very cool project. Following.
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    Survived HT and temper. Post HT clean-up on the grinder. On to hand sanding...
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    The tang should be tapered in both height and thickness.Height is easy to do on the 2x72 or with an angle grinder. Just scribe a line and grind to it. Thickness is where it gets tricky, but the only real "trick" is either dragging it slowly across the platen and slowing down as you go, or using the disc and dragging it across the face. Either of these two methods will grind heavier at the distal end of the tang than at the shoulders. The distal taper in the blade only happens by default if the spine of the blade angles down toward the edge. Even so, the taper will only begin where the spine starts to drop. The rest of the blade remains a constant thickness. This is not always desirable. If the spine is straight, and uniform, it will remain that way unless you manually put the taper in. This can be done in the forging, or in the grinding.
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    Picked up the rest of the discs and tags today so this will be a set for one box. While I was picking up some more wood for the boxes I saw this piece of fiddleback and just had to have it for knife handles athough not for this project as they will be ebony.
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