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    Almost there. I've got a little bit of sanding to do, then I can start the final assembly.
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    Here's a bonus that I was fortunate enough to get at the hammer-in:
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    This is my first non-shop related project since I started working on the shop. I'm at the point where I need to build benches for the shop to hold tools, but I needed a break, so I built this knife rack. It will hold all the knives my wife uses, and I don't want the "good" knives where she can easily grab them anyway. She doesn't like "her" knives too sharp, so this works well. The frame is maple, and the bottom is a piece of sheet metal sandwiched between two pieces of maple veneer. I am using magnetic push pins to hold the knives in place, and they are movable in case I decide to rearrange the knives. I still have some adjustments to make on the fit, but it works well and I am satisfied with this project. It could be better, but it's been 30 + years since I have done any woodworking.
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    Alright, here is my design, If you have any design input feel free to share, Its about 6-1/4 long, but its a big ole edc, (Ive seen bigger) This is a very rough sketch. Im allowed to do stock removal for KITH right? Lets hope so because my forging skills are not that great yet. I was originally gonna do a friction folder, but i decided I would rather stick to a fixed blade, This one looks pretty big, but its going to be a very slim blade so it can fit in the pocket better. Let me know what you like/dont like. re.
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    Sorry it took so long to get back to you Tim. I didn't realize you had asked me a question. Boiling water. I let cool to a temp not uncomfortable to the touch and soak the blade for several hours. Sometimes even overnight. Most of the time, I will then go back and apply cold bluing. This also helps with Gerhard's edge and corner problems. The cold blue covers those bare spots and blends in well enough that they become unnoticeable. My Results can be seen at the end of this thread.
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    Excellent !!! ...............
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    Looks like a great time was had, that guy with multiple right feet in the second photo was interesting to see ..............
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    I don't know, changes in regulations, battle tactics etc. In the Isles you also had seaxes of short size as well as longsaxes, while on the continent there were only longseaxes, which formed part of warriors weapon kits. I suspect that the shorter ones were carried by civilians as personal defence. Something also to keep in mind is that burrying the dead with their weapons stopped around the same time as seaxes disappear from the archaeological record. So there may have been more around then the archaeological record shows. However, swords continu to be found in later periods, while seaxes disappear.
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    The fighter is now complete. I added a pin which was a p,i.a. to install at the final stage of construction.
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    These are the new handle block blocks.
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    spalted maple with copper and bog oak with copper, which ever one I decide, I’m currently In Vermont on vacation for a reunion. Here are some pics (pic heavy) the pond is called sterling pond, and I decided to hike without shoes... beautiful wether all week, mid to low 70s and tomorrow had a high of 63 Driving through the Notch, (that’s what they call it). There were some massive boulders probably weighing somewhere around 100k pounds, and bigger. And then some pics of the Brewster river. Back to work on Tuesday. EDIT There’s always a country fair/market thing every week in the resort we are staying in, and there were some people that made Carolina reaper maple syrup, and o couldn’t resist. It’s actually quite good. Great ice cream topper.
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