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    Just putting on the finishing touches on another blade made with a bar of double twists that I forged a while back.
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    This blade was forged from 7 or 8 (cant remember) twisted rods of 1080 and 15n20 drawn out to elongate the star pattern. The handle I'm not sure what its makeup is. Some closed grained hardwood that carves easily and isn't prone to splitting. It's similar to unfigured maple. I inlayed a twisted strand of silver into the handle as well as bone decorated with knotwork on one side and a spiraling eye on the other. Everything was done by eye for that very organic and less than perfect hand made look. This design was based around a historical profile and I threw some of my own style on top of that. The blade is about 5 inches long. I'm asking $200
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    A full tang chef blade with stabilised semi burr elm handle and red liners.
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    That's an awful lot of blades for 6 hours! And they're all quite appealing. Impressive, Sir!
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    Great result on the auction knife, It went for £250 gbp (about $320 bucks)! The guy that has bought it is a Michelin starred chef, which is a nice bonus as it puts my work 'out there' a bit
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    There's a knife in there somewhere???
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    I second that, Joshua! And then theres that big sigh of relief once all the clamps are set. I like your setup. Clamps on clamps on clamps .
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    Looks awesome, Zeb! And it's a steal at that price!
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    That is quite the clamping system you have there Joshua!
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    Hi all, i don’t usually post work, at least not often. With the last KITH, I was inspired to do a couple of folders. Have not tried slipjoints for a long time and it felt good for a change. The first one is a coke bottle with nickel silver and blood wood. Yes my logo is too large and I am ordering a smaller stencil. I have a young grandson who has a birthday late November so this one goes there. The second one I really like, as I had a couple of small slabs of fossilized mammoth tooth for years. I think I got these at the Blade show, can’t remember. Being super careful not to crack or burn this stuff, the slabs are one. Pretty to me anyway. Nickel Silver bolsters. One pin is not nickel silver as I wanted to keep the pin smaller. Both blades are angled downward in the open position, so I need to work on that. But still functional and with snap.
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    Got it sharpened! not really enough light to take crisp photos, but I tried with the light tent, and a couple of lounge lights on a dingy manchester evening. I will put an auction thread on Instagram for this tomorrow
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