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  1. Hi all. So this is a knife my uncle commissioned from me for my cousins graduation. Steel is 5160, brass hardware, African blackwood handle. All on a through tang (but not take down) construction. And yes, the thickest "blocky" handle was intentional. My uncle "likes them chunky", his words not mine all in all, it's very comfortable in hand, indexs fantastically and my uncle is thrilled with it. Thoughts and critique, as always, are welcome.
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  2. I got a few new things done for BladeWest (table E2, if you're in the area). A 270mm chef, a belduque, and a couple of small integrals, a boot knife and a bird and trout. The chef is forged (in the past my kitchens have been waterjet) and dressed in stabilized mulberry burl and micarta The Belduque is in buffalo horn. It's actually much lighter than the originals. Now that I've gotten better at thin blades, I need to remember when they need to be thick. The boot is in desert ironwood with a bit of texture. The B&T is in elk. Both of these
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  3. I decided to complete this puukko yesterday. Blade is 103mm x 24mm x3.5mm with a 600 grit satin and Scotch Brite finish. This blade was an early attempt prior to getting a vfd and new motor. It is not a rhomboid grind. The handle is black ash burl with ebony, padauk and redheart accents as well as brass bolsters. I had to use a flash for the photos; it is very dark and pouring this morning.
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  4. Nice !!.....................
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  5. Yep a newbie, - clean hands and undamaged thumbnail
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  6. Best I can do for today! Needs more grind work, sanding, and heat treatment. I just couldn't resist getting an etch on it before shutting the shop up.
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  7. Forged this dude out. I think this particular wagon tire is high P. Didnt want to behave. Luckily it welds back together if you catch it soon enough. When I was forging the tang it pulled apart right at the tang shoulder. I was able to weld it back by getting it screaming hot, grabbing it by the blade and hitting it vertically onto the anvil. Oh, and last night I bought rail humbuckers in a "loaded pickguard" and thicker strings for the guitar. I played my buddy's dad's solidbody with humbuckers and it was a freaking blast. Didnt wanna stop. The pickguard is mint green with some b
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  8. Due to a severe cold, and an equally potent coughing spell, I get to redesign my Christmas KITH.
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