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    Normally when I start creating a new pattern, I will draw it out on paper and then engineer how to make it. This time just to be different I designed this one "on the fly". Welded: I then did a "W" squeeze , a three piece cut & stack with some extra 15N20 in between. Once welded I squared it on the bias: Drawn out: Squared & ready for a 4-way: After a tile cut & weld: For a design on the fly, I'm pretty happy with it.
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    A small edc/bushcrafter from old file steel. Overall knife size is 7.25 inches. 3.25 inch blade and 4 inch handle. Edge quenched in water. I had this different handle style in mind for a while and finally got around to making it.It has a full tang upto the brass disc on the handle.The front part of the tang is covered by a brass shim collar and has teak wood scales fixed by pins .The remaining part of the tang goes through the wood and is peened over a brass endcap.
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    The new design I have been refining is called the PH EDC. As an EDC for the professional hunter (Africa in particular) this knife must be able to do any of the chores a PH may need a knife for during the day. It has a skinning influence toward the front half of the blade with enough tip for penetration and enough length of straight blade for simple cutting needs and enough depth of blade to give good finger protecton during heavy work. Handle has been shaped so that there is depth for a slight slab sided feel which is an aid to prevent rolling in the hand increasing directability and safety which also eases cramp (caused by having to hold tight to prevent turning in the hand) during long cutting work with the rear of the handle having the recurve eased to ensure there is no friction (hot spot) against the heel of the hand. Front of handle and in particular where the index finger rests is narrowed for specific transition curve to give support without inpinging on hold as this is another area where hot spots can occur. Blade will be from 5/32 1095 high carbon steel with a 4 3/4 in blade having a FF grind.Comments welcome
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    Its kinda hard to get a good picture of the grain in the wrought and it has oxidized since I etched it but it did look good. I can wait to see what this one looks like in the end. I think I'm going to make a bigger hammer with the cut and stack method. I have a bunch more wrought iron I wanna use and i won a big wrought iron hook at an auction that would make a cool hammer.
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    Quoting Hank Hill loosely; "You got to get yourself some propane!"
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    I agree, polish and etch!
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    That's some serious work, dude! Being wrought I'd have just cut, stacked, and welded it, but good for you making it do what it doesn't like to do. Definitely polish and etch!
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    This looks like it would be very comfortable, I wish I could hold it
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    That is flipping brilliant. It's going over my office door...
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    History classes tell you that's because people who don't need to worry about their basic needs generally have a lot of time on their hands with nothing to do. That's what caused the industrial revolution and virtually every other major advancement in human history. My wife often says "let go, or be dragged along. It's your choice." Something that has always perplexed me is the phrase "Non-dairy product". Is a banana a non-dairy product? If not, is it a dairy product?
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    It's my understanding that if you're going to do a straight razor with a hollow, the grind needs to come back quite a good distance toward the spine. razors are measured in 8ths, with a common size being a 7/8 or 6/8. So the hollow on a 7/8 razor should probably come back around 5/8ths of the overall width. Yours seems to be much closer to the edge. And that's with all the grind types.
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    have to do a show on that one Gerhard
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    You do more in a week than I do in a year Garry. I have say that I do really like the profile of your new PH blade. It just feels "right" to me for an all around hunting knife.
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    Looks very nice for a design on the fly, as it were. You paper towel design looks nice too, I'll have to try to find it at the store. Doug
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    Damn Gary, that's gorgeous. My first thought was that you were going for a cat's eye type of pattern. I think I like this one better.
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    That’s incredible Gary.
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    Added another couple of blades in and had a day of heat treating and with the temp at over 85* having the forge cranked up to1950 for the stainless blades.had an agravating effect so I was pleased to get them all done. On the right is a damascus blank with the pattern on it then comes the SS blades with a meat slicer, 2 chefs, a petty and a B&T then a mini skinner. Next is the carbon blades wit a J T Ranger, a Safari then 4 of the new PH EDC's and on the left is another 6 of the group buy skinners from some follow up orders. Some handsanding to do after the finish grinding in of the bevels
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    Made a couple of hooks. The scrollwork is wonky on the one because A: unbeknownst to me I'm low (basically out) on acetylene so couldn't spot-heat to tweak and B: my scrolling tongs finally broke after being cracked across the boss for 20 years. I'm still happy with them. 1/4" x 3/4" #00 iron, aka Pure Iron, aka 1004. Forges like butter.
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    I see Josh's vaseline tip is coming in quite handy!
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    So, I finished up that Turkish Twist knife commission. I also made a little video of the finished knife and sheath where I explain the symbolic elements in the designs.
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    You got some good seeds! Mine had the saddest seed group I have ever seen.
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    Small sickle utility knives & fibula, Roman period, the Baltic Sea basin. Iron fibula in the shape of blacksmith ticks, Marzabotto type. Fibula 10 cm,knives,largest 6 cm, the smallest 11 cm.
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    Thanks guys! The blade is 27” OAL is 33”. I’ve got the side pieces and middle fitting in the kiln right now. Cast this part night before last.
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    You've certainly made that style your own! And come a long way as well. Seems like yesterday that I got on the net, found a site called keenjunk.com, and encountered some high school kid from Texas going by "Stormcrow" asking the same questions I was. But that was 1996!
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    Here was the last gomai I did last week. I for some reason ground at the wrong angle. 3 degrees on each side is a little steep I believe for a 1084 steel. It is why the lines are riding so high. Also not sure why my phone is posting pics upside down.
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