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    Supposedly, this is now not going to happen again. I hope that's true. Thank you for your patience.
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    We're back! Thanks to Niels and Dave.
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    Finally, finished! The handling is beatiful and as it's intended to be a practical sparring and tournament Feder, the decoration is ok-ish for the time spent. However, a nice deep relief cutting would lift it to another level... (next time!!)
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    Hello everyone! I’m just posting this as a little sneak peak into the project I’m desperately racing to finish in time for blade show west, weekend after this. If you’ll be there, come visit me at table C12 and meet this blade. I’ll be posting a WIP and finished pictures with some more info, as soon as things settle a little bit. I’ve taken probably close to 100 hours of terrible video so maybe I’ll be able to squeeze 20 mins of acceptable footage out as well. Only time can tell. The sword is inspired by the art of more than a 1000 year spread of Celtic artifacts. More on that soon!
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    Since I started training with two-handed swords recently, I had to start a new project right away: A proper Fechtfeder. Everything on the market is made for abuse and a low price and therefore not even close to a desired handling characteristic. The original that inspired me was a practice sword by Ulrich Diefstetter from the MET. The blade is modeled after 3D scans of extant Feders from Belgium. Here is how it should look finally (minus the blade etching and a simpler crossguard decoration for this first take) : Blade cut and roughly ground, Crossguard in rough finish and a slab of wood for the grip: Matching up the crossguard: Detailing the quillon block:
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    Indeed! I only aspire to that level of work. Thanks for showing!
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    Possibly the most accurate thread title ever...
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    Gary, I can't wait to see them. I really like the simplicity of that PH-EDC.
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    Truly outstanding work and I love your photography too.
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    DAYUMN !!!.................
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    That's awesome. The details are superb
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    Oh that is just incredible and I love it. Great job!
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    Whoops! This picture didn’t make it in there. Here it is next to the design.
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    Thanks for the encouragement! Gazz, what you describe has been also done in the past. They inlaid a silver chain into the steel guard, which would look nice, but not hold up well to abuse and is well beyond my skills! James, of course 3D printing a wax model and then casting would be the easier option by far. Yet, I don't have access to any of this and think it would be prohibitively expensive for parts of this size. Milling is not an option because of the organic and sweeping curves of most of the guard parts. The process I settled on for the moment is as follows: * Drill the lateral holes first * File (on the outside curve) and grind with a rotary tool (on the inside curve) the two steps on the edge that make the chain shape * File the vertical chain divisions and smooth everything * Drill the vertical holes * Finish with chiseling the details The next challenge is getting a proper period engraving pattern onto those narrow strips... Stay tuned!
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