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    I got my live oak profiled today. I'll try to get the Spanish moss added tomorrow. The profile here is of 15N20 .065 bar. The leaves on the end of each branch are damascus as willl be the moss. This entire unit including the cardboard on which it is glued will go into a canister. I will then fill the inside of the tree with a 2% nickel powder to match the 15N20 and everything outside of the tree with 1084 powder .
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    Today, I set a personal record. I have made 10 knives this year. The most I have ever completed in a calendar year.
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    Here are a few folding knives I have made lately. They also double as a flint striker. Blades are 1084 and frame is 5160
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    Its several years off but beggers cant be choosy its only a 50lb that needs some sprucing up but im not complaining the price wasnt bad and just for fun its never been converted for off shaft use sent an email in to see if little giant has anything to tell me about its back story now to dig a footing and do some cleaning
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    Blade forged from file. Scales whitetail leg bone. Full tang construction.
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    I was able to make enough time to finish this up this afternoon. There are a couple of small gaps on one side that I'm not too happy about, but the solder took so I'm going with it. Other than a couple of other minor issues it turned out pretty good.
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    Hello everyone!! It's been a while since I showed anything, I'm going to upload some images of the swords we made last year. Here I bring you some pictures of an XVIIIc sword designed in hilt / blade 4: 1 ratio, it is built in 5160 steel, the total length is 124 cm and the blade is 96 cm and the weight of 1450 grams. the percussion point is at 55 cm from the guard and the balance point at 13 cm. The pommel is fishtail type and has silver wire wound and chiseled in leather. The scabbard is made of wood covered in chiseled leather and bronze sconces also chiseled. the photos were taken by a friend for a special production, I hope you like it, best regards
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    Today I got started on a mosaic pattern that may be my most ambitious. I'm going to attempt to build & inlay a live oak tree into a mosaic billet. I got the billet that I will use for the leaves made as well as another that will be the Spanish moss. Much of the rest will need to be done in a canister with different powders. I didn't get photos of each step so if you have questions, feel free to pose them.
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    I finally made a hatchet with a straight head. I forged it out of 4340 and has a hickory handle. Any thoughts on working down the cheeks. I tried to work them down but ended up with a funking sideways looking mess. They ended up getting ground out to look more uniform.
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    Here’s one I finished this weekend forged file blade with whitetail leg bone rawhide wrap.
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    Now that is going to make something cool...
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    Nice work Alex. Joshua's projects are good learning exercises and it seems you took this one to heart.
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    Very cool! I really like them. Neat idea.
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    That is very cool! I am gonna have to make me one of those now. I never knew a Brute de forge texture could look so clean. How comfortable are they to hold?
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    Those are pretty slick, Frank!
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    Those are really, really nice. They're a great mixture of rugged and clean. I've never had the urge to make a folding knife until now. Well done!
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    Sweet mother of clamps! Looking good, Garry.
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    Hopefully I'll be able to show you the process.
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    I'm just sittin' here, quietly, because I know not what in God's name you are doing. This ought to be frikkin' interesting, to say the least.
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    I can't wait to see how this one turns out. Out of curiosity, do you plan on forging this one to shape, or grinding it complete to minimize distortion?
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    Nice! You'll have fun with that.
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    Great job on the carving on the handle which matches the great job on the blade and bolster. Doug
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    Awesome! I would add more but I’m to busy scrolling back up to look at the pictures.
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    Looking forward to the sheath!
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    That Seax came out fantastic Rob. I think you and I are the only people who still use the word "whilst".
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