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    Here is all 5 I have been working on. All are 1095 clayed with Rutlands Furnace Cement. Blades are approximately 6-8 inches long.
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    Okay, with the disclosure of the dimensions, I believe I'm getting it. With no size reference in your photos I envisioned it as much larger so just couldn't figure out what was going on. (I'm slow, but I'm old, so that's my excuse!)
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    Here are a few folding knives I have made lately. They also double as a flint striker. Blades are 1084 and frame is 5160
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    Dude! I"m playing catch-up here, but that carving! I wasn't expecting that, and now I too feel really inadequate
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    Not at all. Do it! And post pictures. Thanks
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    Wow, I get busy and stop paying attention for a couple of days while Gary goes all Mr. Miyagi on us! Very inspiring. Now I have to go practice... ...right hand wax on, left hand wax off... ...wax on ...wax off
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    Pretty cool idea Frank. Any objections to someone else giving it a try?
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    I'm a bit slow......yesterday I didn't quite get what was going one.........blondie caught up and this is jaw-dropping.....
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    Awesome work Frank!! Want one myself now. Thanks for sharing.
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    Everything is either 1084 or 15N20 Right now the canister size is 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 8".
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    Impatiently awaiting the pattern reveal, Gary . Seriously though, cant wait to see this.
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    Frank, this is a unique concept, Kudos! and much appreciated to share. Certainly has a place for folks who want both striker and something with a edge. Gary LT
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    Here’s one I finished this weekend forged file blade with whitetail leg bone rawhide wrap.
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    Talk about a newbie!!!!! I'm TOTALLY in the dark on this one. Just sittin' here in my warm house (15 degree wind chills here) wishin' I understood what you're doing Gary! I'll go back in my shell and just wait and see.
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    Even if you just leave it as a plaque it will be pretty awesome.
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    If I may give some additional pointers. Don't rush your dye job when using multiple colors. The colors can bleed and they will bleed together and it will make you nice hard tooled edges muddy looking. After letting your dye set, burnish it with a soft cloth. Dyes can leave a residue on the top of the leather. I use an old cotton sock. Get an antiquing gel or fluid if you want to make patterns stand out. You lay down the gel, and wipe the excess up and then lay a lighter dye on top. It makes all of the recesses darker. Small modeling paint brushes are awesome for dying small parts. I use them quote often when doing custom leather work. If Joshua is ok with others posting pictures in his thread, and if you all are interested, I can post a some carving and dying I have done to show other examples.
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    I got the Spanish moss (W pattern damascus) added and the canister made. The next step will be to add the two powders. The outside will get a 1084 powder and the inside of the live oak will get a 1084 plus 2% nickel. My biggest concern is upsetting the pattern while welding the canister. I'll probably give it an extra long soak @ welding temp and then lightly work the canister by hand before going to the press.
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    Thank you for your continued efforts to keep the forum running Niels!
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    I've been working on a few kitchen knives for the upcoming show this month and tried a little etching on one of the smaller blades today. I did two 10-minutes vinegar etches, followed by a 10-minute FeCl etch. I probably could have gotten more activity from a finer grit and more etching, but here it is.
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    Hi guys, lovely thread. Heres one of my favourite hamons I made a few months back. Steel is 125SC. Jelle
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    This is one from some years back that i haven't posted; it is made from saw blade steel, possibly L7.
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    Slowly figuring out my own little method for getting these
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