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    Not the best photo but this may give you an idea: I'm not totally satisfied with the Spanish moss but it's a little late for changes now.
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    You've been busy Garry, nice work . I finally completed a commission of two kitchen knives. The other one was a petty I posted earlier.
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    I dont "Plan" on using it on humans but here in Michigan there dual purpose! I've been looking at a lot of the different gransfors bruks axes and there is some interesting ones. I will find a few pictures I'm thinking of and post them.
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    Maybe not what you wanted; butttt..... DDDAAAMMMNN that's cool.
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    Well, even if they're only 1060, they still would make some nice hatchets or tools I guess. Jeremy, find out who you could get written permission from and see if they will let you. Could end up being a gold mine. Definitely jump through the hoops to get permission though, not worth the potential trespassing and larceny charges otherwise .
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    Its wrought for sure!!! Pretty gnarly stuff too!
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    Oh, there's some serious smoke in the vicinity of Darwin, and it's not just the brush fires...
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    I see what you mean, but it's still another level of awesomeness.
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    From a sign in the late Grant Sarver's shop: "We can do it good, fast, and cheap. Pick any two."
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    Hanging in the waiting room in my shop is a small poster that reads "when a task is first begun, never leave it till its done. Be the task big or small do it right or not at all." A saying from my late grandma dorothy. Tom
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    Always remember the 7 P's Proper Planning and Preperation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
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    You know that moment when you’re cleaning up your shop and you remember that there is steel in the forge? And the when you get to it you find a puddle of molten metal.....? Good thing it wasn’t a blade. I think I’ll wait to forge anything else until I get my propane forge running.
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    Has a very japanese look to it. I love it!!
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    Dude, seriously.... that thing is awesome! A work of art. I'm sure the Firebeards are proud. Killed it, man! Looking forward to seeing the sheath.
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    Wow, I get busy and stop paying attention for a couple of days while Gary goes all Mr. Miyagi on us! Very inspiring. Now I have to go practice... ...right hand wax on, left hand wax off... ...wax on ...wax off
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    Well I have finished the Seax part of this build. Thank you to all who have supported me along the way with advice, feedback and encouragement and also to all those who have walked this path before and paved the way for those such as me by taking the time to share their own threads, WIP's, tutorials and research. Now onward to the sheath. I will have to order the needed materials online so I will have some time to play around with some tool making whilst I wait. 42cm overall length 22cm Blade 20cm Hilt Blade 6mm at the hilt and 7mm at the broken back.
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    I was able to make enough time to finish this up this afternoon. There are a couple of small gaps on one side that I'm not too happy about, but the solder took so I'm going with it. Other than a couple of other minor issues it turned out pretty good.
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    99.5% from what I can see. That line is fairly diagnostic.
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    "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
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