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    I apologize for the poor photo quality but it's late and this is the best lighting that I have available now. This blade has become on long, lean fighter type. Sometimes the steel just tells you what it wants to be. Since this one was made primarily from powdered steel, it has presented it's many of it's own unique problems along the way but I think that I've got it going my way now. I've got a nice block of oak burl on order to be used for the handle. (It seemed appropriate.)
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    Here are a few folding knives I have made lately. They also double as a flint striker. Blades are 1084 and frame is 5160
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    This is a video completing about two years of work in creating a single-edged pattern-welded sword or seax that could plausibly have been created during Viking times. It shows alls steps from assembling pieces of steel, twisting and forging until the sword blade is complete and tested with a simple cutting test. It’s about 30 minutes long and shot on a Sony FS7. It’s 4K and color graded for high-dynamic range (HDR). If you like it, please reshare it!
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    I would say that you nailed the design. Nothing that could be but a tree with Spanish Moss hanging from it. Doug
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    Mind is now officially bent..........
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    WOW! My mind is racing with all the possibilities you have opened up with this project.
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    Oh My God, Gary.................That is beautiful. My mind is going a million miles an hour with the endless possibilities that method could produce. Amazing. Now let me ask a newbie question: Will that be one of your fully functional, MS level blades or a blade only for a display knife?
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    Brian, I bought the powder with the nickel already in it.
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    I had an intern recently that was fond of saying "Neato Dorito", and somehow that is all that comes to my mind right now... You said you filled the tree with 2% nickel powder. Does that mean you mixed 1084 powder with 2% nickel powder? That's what I had assumed, but I didn't expect the tree to really come out that bright.
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    Harry, look at the picture of my forge and read the attachments on the Forge Supplies page of www.WayneCoeArtistBlacksmith.com. follow Doug's comment.
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    I think you have achieved a fantastic result Gary. I feel if the desire is there and the time is put in we all can become proficient at this craft but to achieve true greatness one must also become an artist. You have done this here. Great stuff. Rob
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    Some more progress pictures
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    I've just finished watching this incredible video. I am in awe of your skills. Hopefully someday I might be able to accomplish something "similar" on a smaller scale. At least that would be the ultimate goal. Thanks again for the video. I was enthralled watching it.
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    Have all bar one of the knives with the handles finish shaped and in the rack with the first coat of finish oil applied, except for the small chef and the micarta mini skinner which dont get an oil finish and the one that needed more attention This Safari Knife unfortunately had to have the handles replaced as shaping had revealed pith at the front of the giraffe bone so a bit of heat works it way through the handle to the epoxy so the pins can be drifted out and the scales carefully removed. With the epoxy allcleaned off the steel and the mating face of the buff horn bolsters I cut and fit another pair of scales and have them in the clamps for the night.
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    If it's not exactly what you wanted, it's a least a good proof of concept. I know that seeing you do this has validated some ideas that I've had floating around in my head.
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    I am quite stricken with awe on this one Gary, as far as not what you wanted everyone is their own worst critic...............
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    You've been busy Garry, nice work . I finally completed a commission of two kitchen knives. The other one was a petty I posted earlier.
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    Now I'm editing two videos. One about a bacinet found in Ukraine, the second about plate arm armor based on the tombstone of a knight Georg von Waldburg. And while I was editing, I came across my old videos from 2015. I had a bad camera back then, and I was working in my old little workshop.I decided to make a new edit and show it to you. If this quality scares you off, please write in the comments. I have one more old video which I would like to remake for history. Just to compare how I've worked previously and how I work now.
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    ENGLISH Subtitles Kunst Schott von Hellingen. The knight from the noble and ancient family. At the end of the 15th century, the city of Nuremberg promised a reward of 2000 guldens for the head of Schott von Hellingen. The time of his activity was the most blood-stained one throughout the whole history of this city. The Schott's knights constantly ambushed Nuremberg's soldiers and not many came out alive. The armor was made in the time frame between 1490 and 1497 years when Schott and 40 other knights owned a castle in Rothenburg.
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