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    Hi. My latest work. Something unusual This one was forged from carbon steel (axle from old lorry) I used to do one of this once from wrought iron: http://lipinskimetalart.blogspot.com/2015/06/dolabra-rzymski-topor-kilof-roman-axe.html
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    Hi all. No new blades, but something that will help make them. I picked it up for the unbelievable price of us$350!! First pic is where I saw it first, next pic is it in the shop, and my Mrs reaction. Plans are to throw a new concrete slab for it, build a protective cage around all the moving stuff (I'm clumsy) and then convert from the electric motor it has to either a petrol or diesel power pack. 16hour daily power cuts are no joke.
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    Here’s a couple friction folders I’ve recently finished both 1084 blades and whitetail antler
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    So quite pleased how these finished up
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    That's an impressive spread. Better be careful or someone will accuse you of making knives professionally.
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    In between commissions, I've been trying to finish up some smaller pieces before Christmas. The first two were made as a one heat point forging demo. 5"ish blades in 1095, mounted in bog oak, copper and bone: Next is a simple wee viking knife in 1095 and carved wild olive wood with a bog oak bolster: And finally a simple edc in 1095, bog oak, copper and carved antler: let me know what you think...
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    All done except for the leather work. I heat blued all the stainless fittings except the guard.
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    Those are really cool. My brother is an avid deer hunter and would probably go nuts over a folder like those. I'll put that idea in my "someday" plans.
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    I am melting some steel today..it has been a while since my crucibles did not fail.......having togo back to doing what I did long ago. Will post a picture only if experiencing great success.
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    Thanks guys. I guess crappy cellphone pictures work in your favor sometimes.
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    Now that one heck of a folder, great work!
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    I can't speak for Kris, but please do post artifacts! We have a History subforum that would be a good place.
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    Time to wrap this up. I needed a few more fittings for the belt loop attachments. This is the two rings, clasps (?) and a shibu dowel to pin the clasps to the sheath. Add a few black/gray rivets along the edge and the sheath is complete. So this is my first attempt at a Seax. I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did. Here are a few more shots of the completed set.
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    Hi all, please see my new makers mark.
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