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    All done except for the leather work. I heat blued all the stainless fittings except the guard.
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    In between commissions, I've been trying to finish up some smaller pieces before Christmas. The first two were made as a one heat point forging demo. 5"ish blades in 1095, mounted in bog oak, copper and bone: Next is a simple wee viking knife in 1095 and carved wild olive wood with a bog oak bolster: And finally a simple edc in 1095, bog oak, copper and carved antler: let me know what you think...
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    Hi all, So, I'm about 2 and half years down the rabbit hole with a fair amount of knives made. So it's about time to embark in my first sword. Not being the type to walk before running, I thought about what sword I would really like to make, not about what sword I could actually make. Walking is over rated anyways. So here's the plan. I'm bang on six feet tall, and according to research, a rapier wants to come up to your belly button. On me, that's 110cm overall length. I'm starting with 12mm round 1070 steel. After the first round of forging I have a preform that's up to length, and consistently about 20mm wide and 4-5mm thick across its length. I've yet to forge in some distal taper. So here is my first question to you guys: rapier width. Is 20mm across wide enough? Picture time 12mm round 1070 in the forge After about 50% of preform done About 90% done Complete preform This last pic is my idea of how the swept hilt will look. Long ways from this yet, but always good to have a plan, right? So, thoughts? I will keep this thread updated as I go, but always nice to have input from those who have walked the path before... well, run the path
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    This is the knife I made for the challenge project that @Joshua States put up in the Beginners Place forum. I just finished up the sheath this morning. It's made from reclaimed spring steel and has a 6" blade. The handle is African Blackwood scales with mild steel fittings. A family friends son is graduating from basic training in a couple of weeks and this will be on it's way to him. I want to say thank you again to Joshua for posting his challenge projects. There's a few firsts for me with this blade that I probably would not have done otherwise. As always comments and critiques are very welcome.
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    Hi all. No new blades, but something that will help make them. I picked it up for the unbelievable price of us$350!! First pic is where I saw it first, next pic is it in the shop, and my Mrs reaction. Plans are to throw a new concrete slab for it, build a protective cage around all the moving stuff (I'm clumsy) and then convert from the electric motor it has to either a petrol or diesel power pack. 16hour daily power cuts are no joke.
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    1080 / 15N20 forged by maker Just got this heat treated and etched ,now the fun starts. Had this Walrus tusk for a while so I think this is the handle material.
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    looks really good, fold went really well. That is going to be a nice little axe.
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    It think there are good chances it is not intentional, alpha/omega being being somewhat universal. Perhaps you could have a polite discussion about it without asking him to change his mark. He may decide to do it on his own.
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    I really like the profile of this model Garry. It should work well as an all around field knife.
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    Dang, Gary, I like those. All four of them are beauts!
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    So quite pleased how these finished up
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    So have this lot of sheaths all done so juts the edge to do now and they can be shipped off. Among them are this group of 5 skinners. A giraffe bone handled 5 1/2 in 12C27 chef A mini skinner in 12C27 with black paper micarta bolster, blaze G10 spacer and liner with OD canvas micarta handle and lanyard tube. A 1095 J T Ranger with buff horn and exhibition walnut Two damascus light hunters. Top one has exhibition swamp kauri over buff horn while the lower one has eucalyptus root over buff horn. This pair of 1095 PH EDC,s has spalted eucalyptus over buff horn And last is this pair of 1095 PH EDC's has ebony over brass
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    Got my 'metal' dust collection system finished (not finished, but working) today! - Its needs a bit of tweaking but happy so far. Its a collector from a Jones and Shipman surface grinder, pulling through a cyclone. The J&S collector is .55 kw, 3" hose. Ive done the rest in 4" so I can put a 'full fat' blower on it as an upgrade. Its a compromise at the moment! I think 2hp will be perfect for it. Ive got a 2 x 48, and a 50mm x 2 mtr grinder hooked up to this. The main grinder I run both forwards, (and more often in reverse), so Its got 2 x collection points on it. I found some full seal inline dampers, which im using effectively as blast gates. Not sure how they will hold up long term. https://i.imgur.com/T7BrTvi.mp4 (not sure if the link to video will work ?!)
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    Very nice. Dangerous on both ends.
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    I have some elk antler tips stashed away for just the same type of project ya went and beat me to it !!.....Nice lookin stuff.................
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    Got 3 knives out last week in the new packaging and i'm pretty happy with the look. Ive now got 10 blades of various styles, forged and heat treated, ready for grinding and handling. Would love to get them done in the next couple of weeks. Seems to be a good time of year to sell knives - a couple of this next batch have sold 'off plan' from putting the pics of the forgings on Instagram!
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    Yes it it. Here is my trade blanket as of today. I am working on a few more to add to it.
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    Right, update time. Today marked a big day for me in the forge welding area again, this time cable Damascus. So what does this have to do with rapiers? Hold your horses, ok getting to that. First though, some details about this blade as I forged it out as practice for what I'm going to do with the rapier. I started out by forge welding 3 peices of 25mm cable about 8" long into billets. I then took all three billets and forged them into one billet and squared that up. This was the main part of my experiment done. I now know that not only can I forge weld the cable to what i need, but that it will give the look i want. Here is a couple of pics of forging the blade and heat treat. So what's my plan and what does a cable Damascus knife have to do with it? I'll show you...
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    Just finished these 52100 core / 416 SS on the sides
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    Nearing completion now. Need to clean up the secondary fuller, sharpen and make a leather sheathe for it. OAL: 18.25" Blade: 14" Weight: 15 ounces. Full Length Some fun color in the ivory. Wrought iron pommel cap.
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    These two ready to ship off after sharpening tomorrow. A Fireball stainless damascus Wapiti knife with curve back buffalo horn bolsters and giraffe bone handles (Titanium pins) in lightly tooled sheath. The second one is a J T Ranger with copper bolster and buffalo horn handles (copper pins) on the 1095 blade in cross draw sheath.
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