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    Recent project - Customised migration period style seax. Blade made of EN45 steel, mahogany handle, leather scabbard with tooled ornament with brass studs, rivets and fittings. Thank you Jacek
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    Next level.....really cool and well done!
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    Hi all. Rather than starting a new thread everytime, I'm just going to add to this one. Here's what I managed to get out the door this week. Matching set of kitchen work horses, french style 9" chefs and a 6" utility, 1070 clay quenched with muwanga handles. The next one is a 9" carving knife. 1070 with mopane handle. As always, thoughts and critique welcome
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    Good luck with the quench!
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    Yeah, it's a bugger under the hammer. Old springs seem to be worse than new stock in my experience, but I avoid using it altogether.
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    Hi Will, looks great. Best of luck on the heat treat mate.
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    I'm glad that my information can be used. When I have more such artifacts, I'll post them.
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    I just stumbled across this thread, absolutely invaluable information! Thank you so much for taking the time to document and post all of these!
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    If you can temporarily glue a dowel or screw of some sort into the hole in the pommel that sits/screws onto the tang, you can then chuck it up in your drill press and bring it to shape while it's spinning. Same idea as a lathe, just harder to use and much less convenient.
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    This sounds a lot like an author who has done a little research but not enough to fully understand what he is writing about. It's articles like this that confuse people.
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    I have been trying different ideas on how to make a friction folder with only two pieces of steel and a pin this is my latest attempt 12” of garage door spring and a piece of file
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    Very nice, I don't think I could pull off those scrolls, but I'll have to try something similar when I refill my propane. Some garage door springs are hollow with nylon or some kind of cord running through them so they don't fly apart when they break, I don't know how common that is but I saw a few like that when researching springs. Did you do much planning before you started working on it? It looks very neatly done.
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    Remember the old saying, "Pics or it didn't happen."
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    +1 on the sheath! If you dont mind my asking, how are those larger medallion like rivets set? That's something I have yet to figure out.
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    Awesome, Gary! Really like the pattern in this one!
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    Survival is priority #1. I believe in concieled carry. Nobody really messes with a 230lb guy such as myself, but those on a smaller frame and with higher likelihood of an assault I think absolutely should be prepared for the worst. Two of my sisters carry and I dont worry about them as much. I suggest lots of instructed training and a permit before carrying anything. This knife is way too big for that though. I carry a midsize (not a knife) and Its really too big to comfortably carry all day, and that's in my baggy men's garb. That hook looks like a real snagger of clothes and it just looks way to big and zombie slayer like. If I were you, i would buy whatever it is to be carried. It looks better. I know what I just said is thin ice ATM. Oh well. Hope it helps!
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    I'm sure it's obvious................but about all I can say is "I've got a whole lot to learn!"
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    That'll make all the spiders jealous and give every bug in a mile radius a heart attack . Super beautiful work!
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    If at first you don't succeed, skydiving may not be for you.
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    Thank you for sharing!
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    This is fantastic information. Please pin this topic!
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