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    There are two types of people in this world: 1) Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
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    Gerhard, I learned one very important thing a couple of months ago. I watched an interview of Tony Bose on YouTube, and the guy asked him how long he takes to make a single blade folding knife. Tony said he takes three days average. Now he is considered to be the best slipjoint maker alive. I always thought a single blade can be made in a day, two days max. After watching that video I slowed everything down and my quality jumped to a new level. To make a good knife means taking the time to do everything right, right from the first step. So my advice: don't rush it.
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    Tandy Leather is trying their best: https://www.tandyleather.com/en/
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    Stunning knives Tiaan, well done. I would be very happy if I can every achieve a slipjoint even approaching the quality of yours.....will try in 2020
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    Ow! I knew a guy who was drilling a 1/8" hole in a short bit of 1" pipe. Put his thumb inside to steady it.... He's fine and a bit the wiser now.
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    This video by Matt Easton made its way through the FB discussion groups and I watched it. I did not respond on the YT site, but I offered my response to the process on FB. I think Matt Parkinson's comment "Modern steels require modern methods" pretty well summed up why modern smiths do what they do rather than rely on centuries old tech and methods. Anyway, I never liked the idea of inserting a serious phase change at the tang/blade junction by not hardening the tang. I say through harden everything and draw back the tang.
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