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    I dont know how to make this it's own category, and I didn't know where else to put it. But I just had an idea for a future KITH and I wanted to get it into writing before I forget it . How about a blade (parameters to be determined) HTed and finished, but without a handle, so the recipients put the handles on, that way every entry would be a collaboration between two smiths? Just a thought. I think it would be a lot of fun!
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    I came up with a new design yesterday that I got started on at the forge today. This one will be a slender and very pointy dagger. I made the Damascus billet from a couple of old billets that were laying around the shop that weren't large enough by themselves. (If you look closely you can see the lengthwise layers of them) I'm not positive of what handle material that I will use but it seems like it needs a black handle with stainless fittings.
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    Alright... So I think I'm going to make 2020 my official year to learn how to make something like this (even without a power hammer). Very cool, I can't wait to see the pattern.
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    Hi guys, here the finished dagger : Ruggero
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    Well, I had to watch Rudolf with Liz, and now I can post the next round of photos. This was today's forging. I got those bars welded. The result is about 12 inches long (all 3 bars), 1 inch wide and about 1/4" thick. I roughed in the profile and bevels, & marked the cut for the tang piece. Finished forging. I still have a little chunk left over for something else. Maybe a puukko sized blade. It's about 5.75" blade length and 11" oal. 1.25" wide and still pretty stout on the spine.
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    And the next steps : Ruggero
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    I started a little 3-bar project recently. This is a different situation for me, because I do not have a finished product in mind. I typically create a full scale drawing of what I am going to make and then proceed to build it. This is more of an organic project, as I am thinking along the lines of something I saw in the link in this thread. I started with a 1/2" round bar of wrought iron that I reduced to about 3/8" square. Added a bar of wrought iron/15n20 twist. Then I reduced a short 1" round of W1 down to 3/8' square. The three bars, next tp the blade shape template. I surface ground the mating faces. And tack welded them for forge welding. I left the iron bar long so I would remember which bar was the spine.
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    My son sent me the following photos the other day,he works for Highways England, they were taken on his early shift somewhere near Leicester
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    Hi all, after long time, my next work. A swiss Dagger. Blade 250mm long, 40mm large and 6.5 mm thick at the handle. From damascus 1095/15N20. The sheath i make from a old transmission belt. The handle i want make from bog oak and brass. Ruggero
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    Nice trick Joshua. Thanks for sharing!
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    Chris, that is exactly what I was getting at. Don't care how you get there, but be honest about it.
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    The issue here is not forged vs. stock removal, it's misrepresenting the object.
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    I know I'm a little late to the party, but I just wanted to say that you are light years ahead of a lot of people starting. You have the right mindset. You will make the first knife good enough to carry with pride, which is a lot more than I could say for most of the knives I have made yet. A few ideas that you may benefit from: -Don't let the idea of making a 'perfect' knife stop you from making dozens of really good knives. I had to look back and realize that I was whining that my work wasn't as good as I wanted, when I had finished less than two dozen knives in several years. If I had just grit my teeth and finished one or two a week I'd be way ahead right now. -Get the best tools you can afford as soon as you have the real use of them. Some tools will really make the process 10x faster and the result much better. What I mean by that is that as soon as you see a bottlekneck in your process find a way to make it better faster. At the same time don't go crazy and spend tons of money if you are only making one knife a week. The last idea is for designing a handle, get a hold of some clay, roll it into a one inch round cylinder then squeeze it in your hand to see what shape it makes, then find a way to work that sort of shape in a pleasing design.
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    I've got one in the works that looks pretty much identical, same pattern, but scaled down about 4/5ths the size. Looking good!
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    I almost think I would trade you at this point! I had -6° F (-21 C) the other night. Been averaging around 15° F (-9° C) during the day. I have a furnace in the shop, but at those temps, it's still cold out there. Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen.
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    Really looking forward to seeing what you make Chris. I have no doubt it will be something to be proud of.
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    Looks great Will. I like the colours (how we spell it in Australia) too. I can not even imagine snow! I just walk out my door and I am soaking wet with sweat at the moment.
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    Looks great Josh. I am excited to see what you create.
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    It's good sometimes not to be restricted by a plan. Going for no ricasso? I think a lack of ricasso opens all kinds of possibilities. Hope you've had a swell solstice! Best o' luck!
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    While I'm trying to catch my breath, do you mean that's "as forged"?
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    I'm eager to see how this one comes out Gary. If it comes out like the sketch it's going to be a wicked little thing. My next big project is going to be something very similar.
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    Extremely awesome (and if I say a wee bit jealous- my HOA would have me on a stick for trying this out!) Bravo Indeed- and may your hopes come true- make a door sash touchstone with a wee bit and keep the vibes alive in the new year! (Like a Jewish Mezuzah if you have no idea what I speak of)
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    I will say, it’s a fun journey. Whether or not I ever make another one after I learn this...I did have a good time.
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    Started this one today. Not going to put the hollows in it, so it won’t be as wide... but I like where it’s going.
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    ive had limited success (2 attempts, 2 successes) with low layer ladder patterns. just to give you some other ideas first is 2x 5 layer billets, 1070 and old band saw blades that i then forge welded together with a layer of band saw blade between to give a total of 11 layers, then laddered and forged out to a knife. i did have a few delams, but this was my first ever attempt at Damascus in my gas forge and it was always going to be my personal knife, so i pushed on. the next one is 9 layers in one billet, 1070 and 75ni8 then laddered, then forged to knife.
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    Seriously. Some of these new guys. First knives that put my early stuff to such shame. Makes me happy to see new talent.
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    So the handle has been cut, the horn slotted and inserted, the tang extension welded on, and the pommel sanded and fitted. The pommel is more ovular than spherical, but I think it looks decent. Now I just need to get all the silver pieces made, which I may wait to do that until after HTing. I still need to flatten where the guard meets the handle. Everything is rough yet, I'm waiting until after the glue up to finish everything. So far I like the color schemes. The bhilwara should darken nicely once I oil it. A word to the wise: when welding a piece of mild to a high carbon tang, run several normalization cycles around the weld. Otherwise the area around the weld seems to become brittle and prone to breaking. After 3 normalization cycles, its strong, I cant break it with my hands. Let me know what you think so far.
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    This wouldn’t be discworld dwarf-bread we are talking about here, would it?
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    It's leather and I molded it to shape by wet forming. Took about a day to get it like that, little water, molding and in and out of the oven on low heat.
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    Im Zimbabwean, born and bred. i take pride in the fact that every wood i use, is locally sourced. but the list includes african blackwood. im fortunate to have a large stockpile that was harvested 20 years ago during a very bad drought. its been sitting since then. the reality however, is that trees in general are being whole sale taken out here. and for what? FUEL. yup, the woods you would pay quite high prices for in your part of the world, are being burnt as fuel here. why? well, i dont want to get into politics and i wont. but suffice it to say, mismanagement has meant that 99% of the country has to deal with 18hr electricity cuts every single day. and when it is there, it is so expensive that most people cannot afford to use it. gas (LPG) has to be imported, and so is expensive, and usually theres a queue a couple for hundred bottles long. petrol and diesel are in such short supply that its standard procedure to queue for up to 9 hours to get maybe 50L. and all this means that, if your not a person of means, you turn to the only other means to cook your food... wood fires. and where does the wood come from? you guessed it. and no thought is given to what kind of wood it is. if it burns, it will do. so no, im not concerned about using small pieces for handles. at least they will last a lifetime and be appreciated. not burned to simply cook a meal.
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