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    I just stumbled across this old german movie of the forging and grinding of an agricultural tool(don't know the english term.) The old guys are very skilled and the workshop is fenomenal, so I guess people on this forum would love to see this one too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK5QwqXW_BY&t=925s
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    Ooh, mine will not be anywhere near as pretty! But then, he's one of the best axe guys around, so I'm fine with that. I actually found a full-sized felling axe handle that will fit with a little modification. It'll look rather odd, as the deerfoot axe handle is a later thing than this head shape... I may do some serious reshaping to the handle. Or just take a chunk off the hickory I've been aging for 15 years or so.
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    Inside dimensions on the eye are about 3/4" at the widest, tapering down to about 3/8" at the front, with a length of 2.5." I was rooting around in my pile o' large steel crap looking for big round bar when I remembered I had a good-sized chunk of heavy flat bar in the hammer cart. I dug that out, and thought "Ha!" A chunk of 3/4" x 2" about 8" long, perfect! Then I saw the numerals "4140" on it. I bought that chunk at a hammer-in in 2005, intending to make a wide all-pein doghead hammer like the one Tai Goo (who calls it a "flogging hammer," https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/primalfires/flogging-hammer-t1058.html) used at a demo at said hammer-in, put it in the shop, and promptly forgot all about it until today. Would you have guessed 3/4" x 2" 4140 is a right bugger to forge by hand? Half an hour of power hammering made it manageable to switch to the 4lb cross pein, two hours of the use of which have rendered a drift-shaped object of approximately the right dimensions. Since it's 4140 I'm letting it air cool, so no pics yet. My local guild meeting is tomorrow, so no grinding on it until next weekend, when the house will be full of one sister-in-law and two nieces. They and the wife will go on a shopping adventure Saturday, and I'll grind and hopefully use the drift then, and get the handle hung on Sunday. Oh, and I guess I'll harden and temper the axe head after the drifting and straightening of the twist...
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    Had a fellow request a knife made with lines of a Grohmann, in damascus. This is what I came up with. Blade is 5" long forged from 180 layers of 1084 and 15N20. Handle is cocobollo with a slight taper to the tang to balance it better. Thanks for looking, Clint
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    Couple attempts at planning the engraving. These things change pretty organically as I’m engraving so this is more of a suggestion than anything.
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    Had a nice chilled last day of the holidays before back to work 'proper' tomorrow. I just went with the flow on the forging, and it came out not too bad. Few weld defects here and there, but nothing I was not expecting. Using old material of variable consistency, and bloom steel does not help! Blade has come out 19" long, plus the handle. Its 7 mm at the beak, with a little bit of 'reverse' distal taper to the tang. The first two photos are 100% as forged, no grinding at all. The second 'in the vice' photo is after I knocked some weight off it on the grinder, touched the profile a touch, then gave it a gentle reforge to set the tang better, and true everything up. Its had a couple of normalisations, and has lost nearly enough weight for heat treating, its about 1/8" at the edge. Gave it a quick vanity etch to see where im up to
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