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  1. Hi all, been a while since i was last here. been a difficult first half of the year and hope all are well. heres a picture dump of what ive been up to. recently, Ive been on a slipjoint craze. love making them, theres a whole other dimension with the fit and action. thanks for looking!
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  2. I'm on day 27 of not leaving my property. Thank god I've got a blade project to putter with. Here is a blade I just finished grinding/etching. I started it up in Alaska last Summer and mailed it down to FL for the post heat treat work. Standard 1095/15n20 mix. Twisted crushed W's make up the alternating bars under the fuller. Edge bar is a san-mai type w/ a 1000 layer core and 200 layer wrapping. Some highlight stripes between the bars. More when the fittings and grip are applied. I'm not going to rush, however. It's the only blade I have to work on, so o
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  3. I used 1095 because I got a pretty good price on it. Before I heat treated it I picked up a little pyrometer from Harbor Freight, I normalized it twice, brought it up to about 1480 to to 1500 and kept it there for about 10 minutes (in the forge out of the forge, in the forge out of the forge) quenched in preheated canola oil then tempered it twice at 400 degrees for 2 hours.
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  4. That turned out really nice, Daniel!
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