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    good results. I think the handle looks quite good, too. I have never etched anything electrically. I did buy a Chinese etching machine because the front was translated wrong so the knobs are called "tits." My etching machine has tits. Beat that.
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    A Safari knife with Acacia over brass with attached steel The purple dyed Pig Sticker The mini Bull Nose Skinner with fiddleback Tasmanian Blackwood over 3 pin CB paper micarta. I havent done a sheath for it yet but will do one with attached short steel next time I am doing leather work. (and yes I know there is a hair on the blue background sheet)
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    A pair of mini skinnersFirst has a very nice set of Lacewood handles This one with its attached steel has Desert Ironwood
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    I think a lot of smiths here could make good use of this!! https://youtu.be/e_ua18J8NOg
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    My kids and I recently hiked back in to a small lake in the woods near my house. As I sat in my float tube I started to feel some tugging on my stringer. The picture isn't the best, but if you look you can see the 18" snapper turtle that wanted my fish more than me.
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    This has worked well for me when I want to replace those stupid Californicated "safety" gas can spouts. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/ez-pour-hi-flo-replacement-spout?solr=1&cm_vc=-10005&st=Gas Can Spout
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    I like that Seax, it makes me want to make one. As soon as I finish up a couple on the bench, I will get back to a seax and an axe project.
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    Gary that PH EDC with quilted macrocarpa over buffalo horn is going to be nice. I patinated some copper furniture by quenching in boiling borax to get pink, red and purple colors.
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    thanks for sharing the detail of your process. I enjoy it a lot. I have been in my, "clean shop" for months, polishing a katana and a guan dao, and I miss forging. I need to finish some hand work and then I can forge some more. The tiles in your "canoe" are cool. I thought you were going to cut angles on them and ferry flip them at first. Always amazes me when that many welds all set just right. I know they don't have much choice in the matter, but it is still always amazing.
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    This lot just needs an edge on the blades and they are off to new homes A PH EDC with very rare quilted NZ macrocarpa over 3 pin CB buffalo horn in stamped sheath with attached steel. There is more activity in the macrocarpa than a pic can show. A 7 inch chef with a very pretty piece of Lacewood and a J T Ranger with fiddleback Gidgee in left handed cross draw sheath.
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    Those of us who have or access to a lathe and a gas tolerant plastic and hose can build a good spout using the original cap, there are a few You Tube vids out there on mods .................
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    Put together a new workbench. My family got me a harbor freight gift card for my birthday so I thought what the heck!
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    I think it looks good. Those patterns need some slight imperfections or they get sterile. I don't see them, but the fact it looks good shows they're there.
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    I etched today. I'm happy with the results but I think finding a vinyl cutter would be ideal. Hand painting left the pattern imperfect. It's about time to start another sheath.
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    yeah, I dropped my decent camera and it died. And today I shredded my front tire, only to find out the spare was 3" too large, which made for an interesting 25 mile drive home... also my pizza dough didn't rise. It's been a day...
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    Some handles off the belt grinder and ready for some hand work. Chef with lacewood J T Ranger with Gidgee pigsticker with (purple dyed) gidgee. Dye did not show till I cut and sanded it. PH EDC with quilted macrocarpa over buffalo horn A Safari with acacia over brass Mini bullnose with tasmanian blackwood over paper micarta mini skinner with desert ironwood mini skinner with lacewood.
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    @Brian Myers hey, that looks exactly like the picture I was sent, except better quality! yea my design was just a first draft, just drew it for understanding the general shape. I was thinking of something like 60-80mm total blade length and maybe. thanks for the measurements. but I still would go with threaded tang to have a removable guard. I think that would also make sharpening the blade from tip to the heel easier.
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    I'd rather have this one for most of what I do: https://colemans.com/mortar-ammo-can-m120-m121
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    I'd agree with getting sharper tools. When they get dull they kinda just mush wood out of the way instead of carving through it. I really like that design. It's going to look great once it's finished.
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    At some time down the road, you may choose to make a joke like "Oh great, now you want another pair of shoes, purse, makeup" My advice, don't.
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    the total weight of that hammer is listed at 265 kg. Seems kinda light! Bolting was the right choice. Ever try to repair Chinese cast iron? It doesn't like it even if you follow all the normal protocols for cast iron. There's a lot of garbage in the iron. You MIGHT take the bolt plates off and clean up the paint/junk around the cracks and epoxy (JB Weld) the plates to the clean cast iron before bolting permanently. That might help the longevity of the fix. I'm guessing the manufacturer didn't return any messages.
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    I suspect autocorrect changed that from dowel pin...
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